Champs vs. Stars 2

Do the Stars Stand a Change Against the Champs?

The second season of Champs vs. Stars introduced a twist the Champs weren’t expecting: the teams are mixed. As it turns out, both the red and blue teams were initially met with an equal mix of Champs and Stars, but it’s clear the Champs are looking to preserve themselves. Every move is made with the intent of forcing out the stars and keeping the Champs around.This shouldn’t be a shocker. For people like Ashley, Wes, CT, or Aneesa, they saw the Stars last season. Many of them only showed up for the appearance fee and were looking for ways to get themselves out of the competition. Plus, the Champs mostly know each other. Of course they’re going to want to stick together.

The real shocker was Louise’s game move this week. By using the loyalty of her fellow Stars, she forced a tied vote during the nominations and was able to get Kam to go into elimination. Then, Kam we sent home, meaning the blue team has five Stars and four Champs on the team. This should be a good sign for the Stars who now have the majority. But can this group of newbies (minus Louise who is on her second season) really take control of the game?

To be honest, I doubt it. Firstly, it seems possible that some of the Stars would be willing to remove themselves from the game. People like Hennessy and Selita have already found themselves in drama and distracted from the game. While other people like Brooke and Jozea seem committed to the game despite the drama, others seem like they just want the competition and feel they didn’t sign up for the drama.

Most importantly, we need to remember the Champs are champs for a reason (despite only 3 having real victories). They’re all performed well on The Challenge, and they’re prepared to fight to survive in the game. While all of the Pros on Champs vs. Pros are trained athletes who stay prepared to perform, most of these stars are only working out to look good. People like Booby and Brooke may be exceptions, but the bulk of the Stars are not likely to defeat the Champs.

With that said, if the Stars weed out the weaker Stars, they may stand a chance in the final. People like Brooke, Louise, Booby, and Casper show potential and may stand a chance without the weaker Stars dragging them down.

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