Champs vs. Stars 2

Devin vs. Hennessy: Was He Out of Line?

This week we saw “Champs” and Stars collide when Devin addressed Hennessy’s tardiness on Champs vs. Stars. After arriving half an hour late for the LVP nominations, Hennessy we angered when Devin told her it was rude to make the rest of the cast wait for such a long time. Hennessy told him to mind his business, smacked him the head with her sunglasses, and stormed out of the room. Production chased her down and calmed her down temporarily and she returned just long enough to send Tony into elimination. Later, Hennessy quit the competition claiming she didn’t want to disrespected by men and she wanted to focus on her charity this season.

Hennessy Carolina The Challenge

I have to wonder if anyone is surprised she quit. Last week, she was jumping at the opportunity to have herself sent into elimination, and I got a similar vibe from her that I got from Riff Raff last season. She didn’t want to be overt about it, but she wanted to leave.

Now, I don’t know Hennessy’s past, so I don’t want to doubt her sincerity when she talks about being disrespected by men. This could be a touchy topic for her, and I don’t think she’s using it as an excuse to leave. That said, I think her mind was made up prior to Devin doing anything. She didn’t take the competition too seriously while many of the other Stars did.

Of course, in this situation I don’t think Devin was out of line. He didn’t insult Hennessy’s character beyond saying it was rude to be late. Hennessy showed up to the deliberation with a bad attitude, an unwillingness to remove her sunglasses, and the claim that she has a brand to preserve. With that mentality on her mind, she lashed out on Devin the first chance that she got. Perhaps this is part of her brand, and she just wanted to be able to stand up for herself, but it didn’t take a lot to escalate her to the point of hitting Devin with her sunglasses.

CT said this best, he knew Hennessy was wrong but he’s learned when to bite his tongue. No out questioned Devin’s point, but bringing it up to Hennessy in that moment would do nothing beyond prolonging the deliberation further. Still, Devin wasn’t overly rude or out of line. I just think Hennessy wanted to go out with a bang.

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  1. She was wrong, also she should have stuck it out for her Charity. Devin did nothing wrong there. Just sad people leave not thinking of their charities in mind. Her, T.O. and some way Camila (granted she was kicked out but still feel bad for the charity especially her got too drunk and went too far).

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