Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars 2: Episode 4 MVPs

No elimination tonight due to Aneesa leaving with a broken leg. Feel better Aneesa!

The Challenge- Face Off: It’s a mixture of kickball, football, and emojis. Players kick the ball at least 10 yards, run to get the ball, then run back and take the ball to the touchdown zone. Meanwhile, all other players are defending the kicker or trying to knock the kicker over ending the run. Casper was the only person to score a touchdown, allowing the blue team to win.

Red Team MVP: Ashley

There isn’t a lot to go off of on the red team, as no touch downs were scored. However, Ashley took a nasty spill and got back up. She proved she was fearless and a little crazy. Once she was switched onto the blue team, she went psycho and threatened to throw every challenge for the red team to win, but will she really?

Blue Team MVP: Louise

Despite a lukewarm performance in the challenge itself, Louise is running the show. She even have Wes playing her game. She convinced her team to vote her MVP and she has taken the Stars on her team and given them power. I’m sure she’ll get a lot of hate for her gameplay, but we’re finally getting a Star player who wants to politic on The Challenge.

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  1. I cant believe the tantrum Ashley threw, like how old are you? I liked Ashley but that had me looking at her differently. I was very disappointed. And then to say she will throw the missions is just selfish. Grow up chick. I think she just wanted t.v. time. My 3 year old granddaughter acts more mature than she did.

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