Champs vs. Stars 2

Will Ashley Screw the Blue Team?

Last week, Louise used her MVP power to swap Tori onto the red team and take Ashley onto her blue team. Ashley is now in a really bad spot, being the only Champ girl on a team where Star outnumber the vets. Angered by this move, she has threatened to throw missions so the blue team will lose.

Is this a smart move for her? Or should she let her competitive side take over and actually perform to the best of her ability?

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 8.44.19 PM

I will be honest, Ashley is in a bad spot. If her team wins, they will elect an MVP. Due to the Stars majority, that MVP will be a Star. If they lose, they will elect an LVP. Due to the Stars majority, that LVP will be a Champ. In short, throwing missions will not allow Ashley to stay in the game. She will likely be heading to the next elimination unless she can work with Wes and Tony to pull off a miracle.

So what would be the benefits of throwing challenges? There are only two I can think of. Firstly, there’s no risk of injuring herself or exhausting herself before elimination. The second, and more important, factor would be preventing her blue team members from climbing the leader board. While the show hasn’t put too much emphasis on this leader board, there’s clearly a lot riding on performance. If she’s throwing missions, Louise will not get any higher up the leader board while her friends on the red team will. Her only hope is allowing these friends to obtain some type of power and save her. For example, CT’s MVP power to keep any girl safe in episode 3 could have been used on a blue team girl, and a similar power could save Ashley in the future.

Fans have also expressed disappointment in Ashley for threatening to throw missions when there’s a charity attached to her name. While I see the concern, I disagree with it. Firstly, she wants to make it for the end and that’s where she’d earn real money. Secondly, everyone is playing for a charity. They’re all worthy causes so it’s not like the prize money dissolves, it just get applied to different charities. This is still The Challenge after all and there’s a lot of shady gameplay involved.

Do you think there’s any justifying Ashley throwing Challenges? Or should she suck it up and work with her new team?

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