Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars 2: MVPs from Episode 5

Ashley is back with a vengeance, but does it matter? It’s a guys elimination week.

The Challenge: Jumbo Table Hockey– It’s like table hockey in the sense that sticks have a limited range of motion. Six players at a time. Blue team scores the only goal, making them the winner.

The Elimination: Poppin’ Tags– Wes vs. Devin. The goal is to wrestle your opponent and retrieve a tag attached to the back of his harness. Best 3 out of 5 wins. Wes takes the victory.

Red Team MVP: Shane


There isn’t much impressive coming out of the Red Team this week, so  Shane earned MVP for being the loudest and most argumentative. He performed decently well in the challenge, but his biggest accomplishment was shaming Jozea into sending himself into elimination until the MVP Power “Switch” was used.

Blue Team MVP: Booby


Booby, who was also nominated MVP by the Blue Team, has a great goalie for his team and allowed he Red Team to score zero goals. He has been laying fairly low thus far, but make no mistake, he has been playing the game. By sending Wes into elimination he has kept the Stars in tact on his team and has continued to show his allegiance.

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