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Wes’s Elimination History: The Highs and the Lows

This week we saw Wes face Devin in elimination and pull off a win, leaving him with a 5-0 record on Champs vs. Stars/Pros spin off series. Added to his 13-6 elimination record on the regular Challenge, and Wes has an impressive 19 wins with a total of 25 elimination appearances. This is record-making material, so of course we’ve seen some highs and lows throughout his performances. Here some of the best and worst eliminations Wes has given us:

The Five Best

5. Snapper: Champs vs. Pros.- Listen, Snapper is one of the lamest eliminations we’ve ever seen. And if Bananas is going to lose to Wes in something, we can all admit that losing in Snapper isn’t a reflection of his weakness. Still, the fact that Wes confidently called Bananas into elimination is quite admirable and proves that he is unafraid of risking his life in this game.

4. Exile: Fresh Meat- Wes’s fifth Exile against Shane and Linette will forever be a highlight of his career. Not because this exile was particularly harder than the prior four, but because there were four prior Exiles that Wes battled through. Despite being a cocky prick this season, Wes backed it up by winning five exiles and battling his way to the end. Add in the fact that he had to pull Casey through all five and we have a seriously impressive feat.

3. Going Up: Rivals- Being paired with Kenny, it seemed likely that the two would be a dominate team if they could work together. However, Kenny struggled at the beginning of the season while Wes had to save his ass. In Going Up, as test of physical strength, Kenny flopped while Wes had to outperform both Ty and Brandon. Wes singlehandedly won this elimination, and it will be the closest he ever came to defeating Kenny in elimination (the two never faced each other in elimination).

2. Going the Distance- Champs vs. Pros- Knot So Fast is one of the most challenging eliminations due to it testing both physical and mental prowess. On Champs vs. Pros, this elimination was tweaked and called Going the Distance. Wes was the first person to defeat an Olympian in elimination, and he did it in a taxing event. Even if you’re not impressed by this victory, Wes has earn a lot of bragging rights with this one.

1. Pole Wrestle: The Duel- Wes and Derrick’s battle in Pole Wrestle may be the most grueling elimination we’ve ever seen. At this moment, it was clear Wes no longer had to talk up his ego, he earned bragging rights. Wes definitely did fight for his position as winner of The Duel, and this elimination shows he has a lot of fight in him in. Of course, there was the moment after the elimination where he cried to Johanna on the phone, but can you blame him? This was a physically demanding task.

The Five Worst

5. X Battle: Battle of the Exes- Losing to an elimination to Leroy isn’t a huge embarrassment. After all, he is a beast in physical games. However, it’s the fact that Wes went home second on Battle of the Exes that makes this a hard loss to swallow. His downfall was his big mouth and Banana’s dominance in the game, so there’s not much redeeming in this loss.

4. Spool: The Ruins- Wes’s first loss was also his ninth elimination, but losing to Cohutta must have been hard for him. Not that Cohutta is a bad competitor, but he is noticeably smaller than Wes. While this was a piece of humble pie that Wes has to eat, he did redeem himself in many ways when he beat Louie in a similar game on Champs vs. Pros.

3. Lost and Found: Fresh Meat 2- After earning the title of Exile King on Fresh Meat 1, it was a surprise to see Wes lose his first Exile on Fresh Meat 2. While some people think he threw the elimination to Evelyn, certainly helped his rival Kenny by not returning from Exile. Plus, this was his second consecutive Challenge were he was eliminated, leaving a huge scar on his Challenge reputation.

2. Hall Brawl: Battle of the Seasons- Big Easy isn’t know for being a tough competitor, so the fact that Wes lost to him was a shock. Add the fact that this was the first elimination on Battle of the Seasons and we have an unexpected loss that made fans of the show question Wes’s abilities. Of course, size played a huge factor here and Wes was the smaller guy, but we all expect better from him.

1. Tunnel Vision: Rivals 3- Let’s take a moment to acknowledge how underwhelming and disappointing the Tunnel Vision elimination was. Firstly, Wes lost to Dario, and you can’t even blame Nany here. Dario out performed Wes without the girls factored in. Also, this competition welcomed a physical fight, but Wes and Dario passed each other like two strangers on the subway. No contact, no intensity, just pure fail.


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