Champs vs. Stars 2

Is the Red Team Too Weak to Compete?

While the Blue Team continues to be a dysfunctional mess, they have one saving grace: they’re really strong. Louise, Casper, Wes, Booby, and Ashley (when she tries) are among the best competitors on the show.

The Red Team works well together, but their weakest players are dragging them down. Jozea was accused of being the reason the team lost last week, but Booby’s power as MVP allowed Jozea to remain safe. While the Red Team has a strong leader in CT, they also have a self-motivated philanthropist in Selita, drama in the form of Kailah, shady Shane, and poor performances from Jozea. There are a lot of shortcomings on the team lurking beneath the surface.


Despite the chaos of the Blue Team, fate has been good to them. Hennessy quit, Aneesa got injured, and all of their men remain. It’s going to be very challenging for the Red Team to outperform this lean team. Plus, if one of their bigger assets is eliminated, their save still remains while Shane burned through the Red Team’s save.

Honestly, I no longer think there’s balance on the teams. The Blue Team has the advantage and their best bet would be to send stronger players into elimination in hopes of eliminating people from Blue. While the Red Team as a whole may be weaker than the Blue’s there are still individuals strong enough to eliminate Blue players. Otherwise, they’ll need to rely on twists to save their game.

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