Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars: Episode 6 MVPs

Ashley is finally at the mercy of the Stars.

The Challenge: Crossfire– Four teammates are suspended over a stack of boxes. The other teammates must use medicine balls and slingshots to shoot down the stacks of boxes, making the suspended competitors from the opposing team fall. The Blue Team narrowly wins.

The Elimination: Free Your Mind– Ashley vs. Kailah. The competitors are placed inside a cylinder with pegs on the side. Then, they are placed in a circular cage. They must maneuver the cylinder and free themselves from the cage. Kailah pulls off the win.

Red Team MVP: Jozea

Out of all of the people on this show, Jozea is the least famous. I can’t get over that. But for someone who was dangling, he came up with a good strategy to support his boxes during the challenge. The other Red Team competitors failed to use a similar strategy, and Jozea’s stack lasted longer than anyone else’s.

Blue Team MVP: Tony

Even though no one on his team would vote for him to be the MVP, Tony gave a great performance during the challenge. He made many critical shots on the slingshot, including the game winning one. All season he has been a stand out competitor, but his team is dominated by Stars so he doesn’t get MVP.

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