Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars Pairs Ranked

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger. The Miz announced that there will no longer be a Red or a Blue team. Instead, the cast would be divided into pairs.

Obviously, this is kind of a spoiler. But the official Challenger Twitter account shared this information, so it’s not like I’m exposing information MTV hasn’t made public. Still, if you don’t want to know, don’t read.

7. Selita & Jozea

This is the worst female and the worst male on the same team. I can’t imagine anything impressive coming from them. The farther the advance in the game, the more they’re being used as a lay-up.

6. Lil Mama & Tori

Lil Mama has been a moderate competitor this season. She’s had a few moments, been vocal when appropriate, but she hasn’t established herself as a top performer. The same can be said for Tori, who has faded into Red Team mediocracy since her switch. They’re biggest asset: they’re both likable.

5. Kailah & Drake

Kailah just won an elimination that Drake sent her into, so there’s likely some animosity on this team. While both competitors have been fairly successful so far this season, neither of them is leadership material. I don’t seem them making any big splashes.

4. Shane & Brooke

Brooke has established herself as a physical threat by beating Kamin an elimination, and Shane has certainly been a more impressive competitor since his return from his 11 year Challenge hiatus. Both of them are capable competitors, but still beatable competitors.

3. Wes & Booby

This is a team who is physically capable of winning, but may not be able to compete against other teams. Given the fact that we have one Star and one Champ on this team, there’s a lot of possibility for disagreement. We’ll see if Wes and weasel his way to the end of a Star attached to him.

2. Louise & Casper

We now have the two strongest and move determined Stars on one team. They pose a serious threat, and while I’m not ranking them #1 on this list, I’m sure they know who their biggest competition is. Undoubtedly, Louise will do whatever it takes to eliminate her threats in this game.

1. CT & Tony

You could build a case for Tony being the best performer this season, and CT has undoubtedly been the captain of the Red Team, so putting them together makes them a dominant team. I see them being hard to get rid of, unless one of them loses his cool. I also see them being a big target, but that shouldn’t be too big of an inconvenience for either of them.

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