Champs vs. Stars 2

Wes is Still Running the Game: Why Drake Was MVP

The Blue Team was a really hard environment for a Champs to survive in. It seemed like they were going into The Arena every single week. So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Wes has to rely on some of his mental mindgames to survive. This week we saw him take a comically submissive approach to being on the Blue Team, doing whatever Louise and Casper said.

After winning the daily challenge, Tony seemed to give a performance worth of MVP. But there’s no possibility for a Champ to become MVP on the Blue Team, so Wes nominates Drake to be MVP. Drake isn’t present for the deliberation, he’s at a rap concert, but Louise, Casper, and Booby all agree to give the MVP title to Drake. After all, he is a Star.

Why does this decision make sense? It keeps Wes and Tony at the top of the leader board. Drake has flown under the radar this season. He never won MVP prior to this and he never won an elimination. Both of those accomplishments would add money to his personal bank. Had any one of the other Stars receive the MVP he or she would have passed Wes and Tony at the top of the leader board.

Now that the teams have dissolved and we’re moving into pairs, I think the leader board will start to have more meaning. Thus far, performance on the leader board has been referenced frequently. However, the true meaning of the leader board has not been established to the viewer. To be honest, this has resulted in some confusion for me while watching this season of Champs vs. Stars. I was excited to see performance measured on a leader board, but with no established importance of the leader board it doesn’t mean much to the viewers.

While the meaning remains unknown, Tony and Wes still remain at the top. That is why Drake becoming MVP makes sense for Wes’s game.

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