Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars 2: Episode 7 MVPs

Now that we have merged teams,

The Challenge: Go Deep. Teams must navigate a ring through an underwater obstacle course. When one player comes up for air, the other player goes down and continues through the course. Every team other than Selita and Jozea finish, but Shane and Brooke complete the course the fastest and become MVP. Brooke feels Shane was the leader of the operation, so she lets Shane becomes the overall MVP.

The Elimination: None this week.

Typically, I name an MVP from the Red and Blue team. Now that we have seven teams, I’m going to name a competitive MVP for the best performance in the competitions and a political MVP for the individual who had the biggest influence on the game.

Competitive MVP: Shane

Determined to prove he was a great swimmer, Shane definitely did just that. He and Brooke had the fastest performance on the ring maze and he was able to coach Brooke to success. Despite having never been to a final, I think this game may be his chance.

Political MVP: Lil Mama

This season has been all about the Stars and the fact that they’re not conforming to the standards of The Challenge. Lil Mama exemplified this when she refused to vote along with Tori and wanted to send CT & Tony into elimination. She forced a tied vote, which resulted in a random draw, and receive the power to vote CT & Tony into elimination. It’s refreshing to see Star who won’t bend over backward for the Champs.

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