The Challenge

Zach & Jenna: YES, They’re Together

Zach and Jenna have become The Challenge’s on-again-off-again couple since they first met on Battle of the Exes 2. Today, Jenna took to Instagram to post a picture of the two and confirm they are together. In the post, where she correctly used the word whomever, she highlights the fact that their romance hasn’t always been easy. Throughout the struggles, they two have found a way to remain together.

On Battle of the Exes 2, Zach and Jenna gravitated to each other and they lasted for about a year until Rivals 3 when Jenna discovered Zach had started seeing an ex again. The two split up for a while, but their romance began to rekindle during Invasion when Zach returned to the house and “surprised” everyone. Jenna would later admit she knew Zach was supposed to be on that cast, so the invasion of champions wasn’t that big of a shock, but it was an awkward situation for the two.

While this did reinstate their friendship, it didn’t seem they were an official item. The awkward friendly flirting continued onto Champs vs. Stars, but was halted when Jenna had to leave the competition due to a broken foot. While they weren’t publicly an item during Vendettas, Zach wasn’t showing any interest in any of the girls in the house and his heart was committed elsewhere.

It appears their most recent Challenge appearance has done some good. SPOILER, they’re both on the Final Reckoning cast.

Personally, I’ve avoided speculation about their relationship because I want to have some respect for their privacy. However, this Instagram post confirms they are together and I couldn’t be more excited for the both of them!

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