Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars 2: Episode 8 MVPs

A cliffhanger from last week led us to the elimination.

Elimination: Flip Cup- Jozea & Selita vs. Louise & Casper. Each competitor must flip three cups (six per team) like a standard game of flip cup. Then, competitors will get into a life size Solo cup and flip it three times total per team. Unsurprisingly, Louise & Casper win.

The Challenge: Spot On- It’s a big game of Twister, but players are sandwiched between two climbing walls. The cleats on the walls correspond to colors. Casper lasts the longest without falling off, so he wins.

Competitive MVP: Casper

He may be arrogant, but you gotta hand it to him. He played well in both the elimination and challenge this week, winning both. When he gets power, he lets it go to his head. However, he frequently finds himself in this position because he can compete.

Political MVP: Drake

Ok, there weren’t a lot of politics this episode. With Casper winning the Power Play to eliminate two of the three worst performing teams, Drake & Kailah were the team kept safe. This is thanks to Drake’s loyalty to the Stars and having Casper’s back throughout the game. Maybe it’s not super admirable to support Casper, but in this moment it paid off.

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