Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars 2: Episode 9 MVPs

The end is near! One team has to go before the final. Who will it be?

The Challenge: Text Tile– Teams must roll a cube down the beach. One player pushes, the other is on top of the cube. Once the team crosses a line, they must unlock tiles and solve a “pop culture” crossword puzzle consisting of modern slang. CT & Tony get through this first and secure a spot in the final.

The Elimination: Icy Hot Casper & Louise vs. Kailah & Drake. Competitors must jump and hit a button 1,000 times resulting in an ice block crashing to the ground. Once on the ground, competitors must smash the ice block and retrieve frozen clothing. Then, they must put on the clothes and hit the button 1,000 more times. This is to be continued (of course).

Competitive MVP: CT

CT has secured his spot in the final, proving that he hasn’t slowed down after 15 years on The Challenge. Most impressive, the old man knows all the modern slang and contributed to the crossword puzzle that required him to talk like Kailah a 13-year-old girl on Twitter.

Political MVP: Wes

While Kailah wanted to get carried to the final because she’s on the weakest team and is friends with Tony, Wes didn’t let the fear of Power Plays deter his game. He teamed up with Casper, who knew he’d be going to elimination and would rather face the weaker team, and voted Kailah & Drake into elimination. This forced Tony to keep Wes & Booby safe because he wouldn’t have the option to keep the weaker competitors around.

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