Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars 2: MVPs from Episode 10

The final is here! But before the final, Kailah and Drake went home in the Icy Hot elimination. This means the final consisted of CT& Tony, Wes & Booby, and Casper & Louise.

Then, we got to the final. The goal was to run four laps around a track, stopping at a check point each step of the way. Completing a check point results in a team getting a Miz coin. First person to retrieve all four Miz coins wins this season of Champs vs. Stars. Check point one: competitors must use push their Miz coin up a ramp while balancing on a balance beam. Check point two: Competitors must use hover boards to retrieve puzzle pieces then build the puzzle. Check point three: Competitors must use hooks in union to move five basketballs into a bucket. Once a competitor gets the ball in, they pick a food to eat. Complete all five plates to move on. Check point four: Competitors must untie knots and unwrap a slider puzzle then solve the puzzle.

Our Winners: CT & Tony

Team “Dad Bod” has become the ultimate MVP team this season. Though CT’s back started to hurt and they started to fall behind, he made up for this at the check points. CT proved why he is an amazing competitor: he excels where other competitors struggle. He finished the eating portion of the final and the puzzles faster than anyone else and this is how he recovered from his set backs. Meanwhile, Tony set the pace. He has trained to the point where he is confident in his abilities to complete a final. He is able to handle the runs, excels in the eating portions, and has some serious endurance. He only downfall is the puzzles. He literally stepped away from the board and allowed CT to complete independently on the second puzzle. But the team complimented each other so well that they pulled out the win.

I have to admit, this was a great final. The first place team switched multiple times and each check point made a difference. The winner was not clear-cut, and it made a great end for the season. Ultimately, the “champion” title stayed with the Champs, but it wasn’t handed to CT and Tony. Moving forward, I hope we see stars with the same drive as Louise, Casper, and Booby. They actually wanted to compete, and it made this season much better than prior spinoff seasons.

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