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Cheyenne Joining Teen Mom Met with Controversy

With recent news that Cheyenne Floyd may be joining Teen Mom with her baby Ryder and her father Cory Wharton, MTV fans have been buzzing. Some people think this is a perfect move, while others don’t understand why a 25-year-old mother would be joining Teen Mom.

The other Teen Moms: Carelynn Baltierra, Maci Brookout, and Amber Portwood have expressed disapproval for the newest addition. They don’t think MTV should recruit from outside the Teen Mom/ 16 & Pregnant franchise. However, all Challenge fans know MTV like to shove Are You the One? cast members where they don’t belong.

The bigger controversy comes from Cheyenne’s Twitter feed. Over the weekend she tweeted two particularly notable tweets emerged from her archives:

The first two tweets from 2011 mention she shouldn’t see The Help because she already has a problem with white people. The she saw the movie and wanted to “kill every white person” she saw. While this is concerning, the tweets are also seven years old and are in response to a racially-based movie.

The last tweet from 2012 mentions a kid told Cheyenne she looked like a cat and she should have “kicked him in the head.” Again, this tweet is quite old but it does demonstrate a lack of patience with children. For the sake of being on Teen Mom, this may be more concerning.

Despite the slightly concerning tweets, Cheyenne’s behaviors on Are You the One? and The Challenge do not reflect emotions presented in her tweets. Her actions have never displayed anger or hatred toward people of any background.

While some people have reported her position on Teen Mom is in jeopardy, Cory’s tweet from about an hour ago seems to confirm that all is good:

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  1. As a Hispanic woman who was her age in those years I can see why she said that. I’m happily married to a caucasian man today, and I still say “I hate white people.” a few times a month. Do I tweet/post this? Fuck, no. Why? Because it’s not PC and I’m an adult. Would I have posted that in 2010-2012? Fuck, yeah. Because no one was as concerned about being PC and I was a young and stupid. If she posted that today, as a 25 year old adult in today’s world, I would absolutely hold it against her.

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