Challenge: Final Reckoning Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars 2: What We Need to Know for Final Reckoning

Now that Champs vs. Stars 2 has come to an end, we’re moving into the Final Reckoning. SPOILER: A lot of the cast will be going from one season to the next. SPOILER again, there are nine people going from one season to the next.

Tony Raines challengeChamps vs. Stars 2 was unique, because the reunion took place after Final Reckoning finished filming. Clearly, some of the drama spilled over from Final Reckoning to this reunion.

Shane vs. Jozea: Shane has stated he feels Jozea should be someone who he’s attracted to on paper, but his confidence and cockiness makes him unattractive. Jozea wanted to work with Shane, but they didn’t see eye to eye because Jozea allegedly threw challenges. This sparked a fight at the reunion. It seems likely the two started Final Reckoning with bad blood and it escalated on the show. I fully anticipate some drama to go down.

CT’s Still a BeastCT won Champs vs. Stars 2, so he’s clearly still a top competitor. But his back hurt and he was slower than usual. He claims to have been working on the dad bod after CvS2, but the final showed that CT isn’t in his best shape. However, mediocre CT is still Challenge-ready CT. I expect him to perform well, but I don’t see him has the best player anymore.

Kailah’s Going to “Pop Off”: If the reunion is any indication of Kailah’s mentality, she’s going to make some snide comments and start some drama. You never know when she’ll get in someone’s face or just ignore them. Nowadays, she seems more likely to be in the fighting mode.

It’s Tony Time: We know some people are going to brought into the show who are not on the original cast. Tony is now a staple of the show, and it’s more family-focused than ever. I don’t see two-timing Tony coming onto the show and hooking up, but I do see some shady moves happening with him.

LET’S GO: Devin’s appearance on CvS2 was only controversial because of Hennessy, but I don’t think he’s going to be a changed man when he makes an appearance on Final Reckoning. I anticipate he’ll fight with someone in the house, most likely a female. And he’s scream LET’S GO multiple times.

Ashley’s as Vindictive As EverWe know Ashley appears on the show. If CvS2 is any indication, she’s not taking it easy on anyone. No more nice Mercenary, she’s here for blood.

Killa Kam Has Been Killed: As great as her appearance on Vendettas was, Kam went home early on CvS2. Maybe Vendettas was just beginners luck, or maybe she’ll redeem herself from CvS2.

Tori’s Still Tori: Tori did well on CvS2, and she has proven she’s a capable competitor. Even though she was eliminated in a Power Play and not an elimination, her performance has third place written all over it. She’s able to make it far, but I’m not sure she’s ready to get the win. If nothing else, we know she’ll give use some animated expressions.

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