Challenge: Final Reckoning

Danni Victor Involved in Final Reckoning Drama

If you’re looking for pre-season drama from Final Reckoning, you’ll find a lot of it in an unlikely, yet somehow incredibly likely, spot. Danni Victor from Bad Girls Club has been in the middle of a lot of drama. She’s referencing a lot of incidents from the upcoming season, so we’re looking at some minor spoilers here.

via BGCtea
via BGCtea

For starters, she and her sister have called out Angela for trying to use Bananas to avoid elimination. In an Invasion-style move, the twins are claiming she was “finger blasted” by Bananas. They also claim Angela would spend hours every morning caking on make up.
Danni Victor twitterSo, where does Danni get her info? Allegedly, it’s from Joss. According to Twitter, Joss and Danni have been getting to know each other quite well. It looks like they may even be dating. But, the rumor is this relationship is fake. Allegedly Joss is faking a relationship with Danni in hopes of the two of them being cast for Ex on the Beach season 2. At least, that’s what Amanda claims. And let’s be real, Danni has a history of chasing MTV men. She has admitted to hooking up with CT, has a rumored hook up with Zach, has this “relationship” with Joss, and is supposedly appearing in an upcoming MTV dating show where she’d be pursing Leroy.

Love her or hate her, it looks like Danni is finding her way into the MTV world. At least she’s spreading good gossip.


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