Johnny Bananas

Bananas to Compete on American Ninja Warrior

Have you ever wanted to know how well Challengers would perform on a different playing field? Well, Champs vs. Pros didn’t really give us a good idea, so Bananas is competing in a new game.

The six-time Challenge champ is heading over to NBC on July 9th to compete on American Ninja Warrior. The episode premiers at 8 PM EST.

For once, Bananas is in a competition without his “boys” to be his allies and help him through the game. Even though Bananas plays a good political game, he is great at the competition. This could be a great opportunity for Bananas to prove The Challenge trains you for other competitions.

Or, he could just fall flat on his face and prove he’s all bark and no bite. We’ll have to watch and see.


  1. I remember seeing CJ doing American ninja warrior and he flopped on the 2nd or 3rd obstacle.

  2. I taped this last night yet didn’t see Bananas on it . . are you sure he was supposed to be on last night?

  3. If he was on he probably flopped at it. He didn’t make the top 30 let alone been shown at all.

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