Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning Hook Up List

It’s no secret that Challengers like to hook up with each other. Some are in relationships, some are “polidicking,” and others are just horny. Going into the 32nd season of The Challenge, the history of Challengers is as confusing as ever.

To understand who’s exes with whom, I’ve complied a list of hook ups, relationships. and rumors throughout the seasons. Keep in mind, there are a lot of hook ups we don’t know about, and may never know about. For know, here’s as long of a history as I can compile.


Hook up: Amanda hooked up with Mike Crescenzo during AYTO3, which ended in a bad fight on the show between the two.


Relationships: Angela was in a relationship with Derrick Henry prior to Ex on the Beach, where she suspected Derrick was unfaithful. On the show, she later moved onto Tor’i, but they broke up after filming.

Rumor: It’s a spoiler. Read more here.


Marriage: Brad was married to Tori Hall from Road Rules: Viewers revenge for about 7 years.

Relationships: Brad was involved with Cameran for the bulk of his Real World season. He is currently Britni’s boyfriend.

Hook-up: On the first Real World episode, Brad made out with his roommate Frankie.

Rumors: Veronica, Arissa


Relationships: Currently, she is dating Brad. She is paired with her ex-boyfriend Chuck.

Rumor: There’s some romance with Derrick K. that emerged during the Dirty Thirty reunion.

Cara Maria

Relationships: It’s no secret Cara Maria dated Abram for about 5 years on and off, which ended due to an incident on Bloodlines.

Hook-ups: Thomas on Bloodlines, Kyle on Vendettas and for some time after.

Rumor: Paulie


Relationship: Chuck dated Britni for over a year after Are You the One? by broke up shortly after Dirty Thirty.

Hook up: Chuck spent much if Are You the One? 3 caught between Hannah and Britni.


Relationship: CT dated Diem on and off for about two years starting around The Duel. By the time The Duel 2 filmed in 2008 they were broken up. They dated after, but never confirmed themselves as a couple.

Hook-ups: Shauvon on The Duel 2, Anastasia on Rivals 2, Mandi on Rivals, Laurel on Rivals. Also, his hook up with Danni from Bad Girls Club has been relevant recently.

Rumors: Nany, Cooke, and there’s an old rumor that he hooked up with Shane on The Inferno. Shane has denied this, so I doubt there’s any truth to it.


Relationships: Derrick is paired with his ex Tori this season, who he broke up with after Dirty Thirty. He also appeared as Angela’s ex on Ex on the Beach.


Hook-ups: Devin was known on Are You the One? for his ongoing romance with Kiki. Later, on Rivals 3 he was seen with Camila.


Relationships: Faith was cast for Ex on the Beach due to her relationship with Jax Taylor. During Ex on the Beach, Faith’s ex June was brought in and they were romantically involved until the end of the season.

Hook-ups: Faith briefly entertained the advances of Tor’i, hence why she’s paired with Angela.


Relationship: Jemmye is best known for her relationship with Knight on Real World: New Orleans. They later appeared on Battle of the Exes 2 together.

Hook-ups: Leroy.

Rumors: Jay stated he may have made out with her while she was in New York during Exes 2. The Vendettas reunion revealed some type of relationship with Nicole Z.


Relationships: Jenna debuted on Real World Ex-Plosion alongside Jay, her ex. They appeared on Battle of the Exes 2 where she started dating Zach, her current boyfriend.

Hook-ups: Bruno, on the flight to Thailand for Invasion.

Johnny Bananas

Hook-ups: Casey Cooper, Trisha Cummings, Camila, Nany, Natalie, Kayleigh.

Rumors: Svetlana. Apparently he led Emilee F. on at one point and she kind of thought they were in a relationship. He was also rumored to have hooked up with Kellyanne after The Island.


Relationships: Kayleigh was his ex on Ex on the Beach.

Hook-ups: Well, now that he’s single he’s been hooking up with plenty of reality TV trash.


Hook-ups: Dione and Dylan on her Real World season. Cory on Invasion.

Rumors: Apparently she made out with Jordan on Dirty Thirty. There’s also that rumor spread by Melissa saying she made out with Tony on Vendettas.


Hook-ups: Kam had a crush on Eddie, her AYTO5 perfect match, until Alicia came in a slept with him.

Rumors: She and Leroy became Kamroy on Vendettas, but the extent of their relationship was not shown on TV.

Joss Kayleigh ex on the beach


Relationships: Kayleigh and Joss appeared as exes on Ex on the Beach UK.

Hook-Ups: Last season we saw her with Nelson for a while, and apparently she made out with Bananas. Also, I don’t know too much about Ex on the Beach UK, but her interest in a guy named Ash seems relevant.


Hook-ups: Kyle hooked up with Cara Maria throughout Vendettas and after the season ended, but this never turned into a relationship. He also made out with Marie at the beginning of the season.

Rumor: Apparently he made out with Sylvia, who rejected most of his advances.


Relationships: Marie spent her Real World season with her roommate Robb.

Hook-ups: During her brief stint on Invasion, Marie hooked up with Anthony. At the beginning of Vendettas, she hooked up with Kyle.


Hook-ups: Melissa hooked up with Nicole during Vendettas, but who know is there was any real feelings involved here. She also hooked up with Ash during Ex on the Beach UK, which severed her friendship with Kayleigh.


Relationships: Natalie had a relationship with James on BB18, and the showmance expanded shortly after the show.

Hook-ups: On Vendettas, she was involved with Bananas until his hook up with Kayleigh ruined their relationship.


Hook-ups: Nelson’s first notable hook up was this Cheyenne on AYTO3. On Invasion he later hooked up with LaToya before she was eliminated. On Vendettas he hooked up with Kayleigh until her hook up with Bananas.

Rumors: On the Invasion reunion Ashley M. claimed she hooked up with Nelson. More recently, he has been seen with Nurys from AYTO6.


Relationships: On Ex on the Beach, Paulie rekindled his romance with his ex Lexi. He started to cheat on her as soon as production gave his cell phone back after filming ended. He was also involved with some Bachelor contestant named Danielle.

Hook-ups: On Big Brother, he was in a “showmance” with Zakiyah. He also hooked up with Cara Maria apparently.


Relationships: Though never shown on TV, he was in a relationship with Ryan K. prior to Fresh Meat. Shane believes this is why Ryan was cast.

Hook-ups: Nick on Battle of the Sexes 2. He’s also kissed many of the girls on the show.

Rumor: Of course there’s the CT rumor, but Shane has denied.


Hook-ups: Sylvia may be remembered for her hook up with Bruno on The Real World.

Rumors: Apparently something happened between her and Kyle on Vendettas. Then she contracted an illness and had to go home.


Relationships: Prior to appearing on Are You the One? Second Chances, Tori had ended a relationship with AYTO3/ Real World: Bad Blood cast member Mike Crescenzo. When she returned for Dirty Thirty, she had just broken up with Derrick. After Dirty Thirty she began a relationship with her current boyfriend, Jordan.

Hook-ups: Though never becoming official, Tori hooked up with her AYTO “perfect match” Morgan multiple times.

Rumor: On the Dirty Thirty reunion it was suggested Tori hook up with Prosper from AYTO.


Relationship: During Dirty Thirty, it was finally confirmed that Veronica and Rachel dated for years in the mid-00s.

Hook-ups: Her infamous threesome with Abe and Rachel on The Gauntlet.

Rumors: In the early Challenge days, Veronica had a rumored hook up with James from Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. She also had a rumored hook up with Brad in the early Challenge days as well as a rumored hook up with Darrell. On The Ruins, she used some type of relationship with Evan to advance in the game. On Dirty Thirty, it was alleged that she hook up with Aneesa but both girls have confirmed this was just production magic.


Relationships: On The Real World, Zach became romantically involved with Ashley K. Their relationship lasted past The Real World, to the point where they weren’t eligible for Battle of the Exes. By the time Battle of the Seasons rolled around, he began dating Jonna. After Battle of the Seasons he started dating Ashlee Feldman from Real World: New Orleans. On Battle of the Exes 2 he met Jenna, his current girlfriend. Though they were broken up for a while.

Hook-ups: Some girl named Brooke.

Rumors: Early in Battle of the Seasons, he apparently hook up with Trishelle. He also allegedly hooked up with Danni from the Bad Girls Club after (or leading to) breaking up with Jonna.

No data for Jozea or Da’Vonne yet.


The Mercenaries and replacements…

Ashley M.

Hook-ups: On The Real World she made out with Cory, but spent most of her time with her French boyfriend. Ashley hooked up with Jamie on Rivals 3 then moved onto Tony later that season and moved onto Hunter during Invasion.

Rumors: Apparently she hook up with Nelson during Invasion. There’s also a rumor that she hooked up with her Rivals 3 partner Cory.


Relationships: Cory came onto Real World Ex-Plosion where his ex Lauren appeared as his ex. On Rivals 3 he met Cheyenne and while they may never have been an item, they do have a child together. On Ex on the Beach it was revealed he was involved with Alicia around the time of Vendettas, he then pursued a relationship with AYTO5 alumnae Taylor who he is still dating.

Hook-ups: On The Real World, he hooked up with Jenny and made out with Ashley M. Then, he moved onto Aneesa on Bloodlines then onto Kailah on Invasion. When Kailah left Dirty Thirty, he hooked up with Camila. Dirty Thirty put the three previously mentioned girls in the same house, but he would stay game-focused until Alicia came into the picture.

Rumors: Ashley M, Ariane.


Hook-ups: Hunter is known for his hook up with Ashley on Invasion. After filming he hooked up with Audrey from AYTO6.


Relationships: Tony is in a longterm relationship with his Skeleton from The Real World Alyssa. We also know about his other ex and Skeleton Elizabeth. During the season he maintained a relationship with Madison and after the season they had a child together. Tony now has two kids: one with Madison and one with Alyssa.

Hook-ups: Tony hooked up with Christina on Battle of the Bloodlines, ending his relationship with Madison. He later hooked up with Camila on Dirty Thirty jeopardizing his relationship with Alyssa. On Rivals 3, while single, he woke up in the same bed as Ashley M.

Rumors: There’s the rumor he hooked up Jessica on Rivals 3 and the rumor spread my Melissa of him making out with Kailah.

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  1. This is a dizzying list…damn! The cast hookups with each other a lot! I think you need a diagram for me to keep track!

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