Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 2

Another week and the game is in full swing! Barely…
1. Two Become One
Kailah final reckoning
With Kailah and Melissa getting kicked off the show, the fates of Kam and Kayleigh are undetermined. Luckily, TJ says they will not be going home. Now Kam and Kayleigh are a team. They’ll have to work together which might be easy because they’re not really rivals but they do have different allies in the game.
2. Lovers in the Past Tense
Chuck and Britni final reckoning
The Redemption House will be consuming air time this season, and the topic of the week is Brinti and Chuck’s romance. While Jemmye believes there are still feelings between the two, Britni wants an apology from Chuck. Chuck, who admits to walking out on the relationship, apologizes. Britni isn’t satisfied. She feels he’s only sorry because there’s a million dollars on the line. And let’s be real, he’s probably only sorry for the sake of the competition.
3. Pillow Fright
Angela is given the first clue of the season to read. As is tradition, the first clue reader is pelted with pillows. When she walks out to read the clue, a few pillows fly toward her and hit her in the face. She’s had her share of work done on her face so she does not take kindly to projectiles hitting her there. She storms into the bathroom to cry and is comforted by Faith, Bananas, and Brad. Bananas seems to get through to her even though he’s the one responsible for implementing the pillow-tossing tradition. Angela thinks Bananas has a crush on her.
At the first Challenge, Bananas still has no partner. Then, Tony walks in. All of the other teams are intimidated because Bananas and Tony make a strong team, but they do hate each other. Bananas insists he always took Tony under his wing, so the fact that Tony threw him into elimination on Vendettas violated any trust in the relationship. At least Bananas pairing is a real rivalry and not a fabricated hatred to keep Bananas on the show.
5. Swinger’s Club
The Challenge is called Wreck Yourself and is played in two heats of six. One partner is a pusher who pushes and receives the other partner, the swinger, into a collection of dangling rings. The swinger must retrieve as many rings as possible in the allotted time. Brad and Kyle win the first heat, collecting eleven rings, while Zach and Amanda fail terribly and only get one. As a reward, Brad and Kyle just get to compete again and they tie with Bananas and Tony during the second heat and get eleven rings again. It comes down to time, and Brad and Kyle win based on their speed. This means they’re the winners, but we don’t know what powers that position comes with. We do know that Zach and Amanda are not going straight into elimination, as it customary for the losers. We also know we won’t see an elimination as this announcement comes 59 minutes into the episode.

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