Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 3

Twist are revealed, and we get what we really want: THE REDEMPTION HOUSE!

1. Love Is the Game
Not knowing the rules of the game yet, Cara Maria is scrambling to clean up the mess she made now that Kyle is on the winning team. She prefers to see Faith get sent to elimination, but knows that won’t happen. Instead, she wants to keep herself and Paulie safe. Of course, this isn’t going to be easy. When Paulie talks to Kyle, Kyle is pretty up front over the fact that he has not reason to keep Paulie safe. Paulie suggests putting the target on Shane’s back, as Shane was a bully to Kyle on social media, but it doesn’t seem like Kyle is going to change his mind.
2. Voting Behind Closed Doors
TJ finally reveals the rules surrounding voting, and the only safe time is the winning team: Brad and Kyle. Also, their vote counts as 2 votes because they won. In regards to the vote, they’re cast in private so there’s no burn votes or bandwagon voting. For the most part, vote land where you’d expect. Faith & Angela, Shane & Nelson, Paulie & Natalie, and Joss & Sylvia get votes.
3. Upchuck
We take another look into the Redemption house, and they’re playing truth or dare to get Britni and Chuck to start fighting. Annoyed by all of the dares revolving around his relationship with Britni, Chuck walks away. Britni gets mad and yells at Chuck while the rest of the house just watches and tried to act like they’re surprised or they understand Britni’s point of view.
4. From Backstabs to the Front
TJ reveals Paulie & Natalie received the most votes, so they’re in the Armageddon. Then, he reveals who voted for them and lets them know they can pick one of those teams to compete against in elimination, with the exception of the power team. This allows them to pick from Joss & Sylvia, Zach & Amanda, and Kam & Kayleigh.  They agree to face Kam & Kayleigh, mostly because Natalie hates Kayleigh for outing her on social media. Of course, this also means they’ll have to face the wrath of Killa Kam, who is a friend of Natalie’s.
5. Boxed In
The first elimination of the season is called Think Outside the Box, and it’s a race to solve a puzzle and escape a cage. One player (Paulie and Kam) will retrieve puzzle pieces and pass them to a partner who is inside a cage. These two competitors are also attached to a bungee cord making it a challenge to run to the pieces, as resistance increases as they get closer to the puzzle pieces. Then, the players in the cage must assemble the puzzle and escape the cage through the top. Kam doesn’t seem to have a hard time getting the pieces, while the bungee cord poses a challenge for Paulie. This gives Kayleigh more time to build her puzzle and she get the win for her team.

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