Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty The Challenge

Jordan & Tori, CT & Cara Maria Appearing on Celebrity Fear Factor

In case you haven’t been aware, MTV rebooted the early 00’s competition show Fear Factor. To be honest, it’s quite a good reboot and it doesn’t stray too far from the premise and design of the original show. Even if you are aware, you may not know the current season is Celebrity Fear Factor. This week, directly following The Challenge: Final Reckoning, Celebrity Fear Factor will feature CT & Cara Maria as a team and Jordan & Tori as a team. These four are A-List Challengers and G-List Celebrities!

Cara Maria CT Fear FactorCT claims his biggest fear going into this competition is eating, which is odd because he does great during eating competition. Meanwhile, Tori says her biggest fear is worms or anything creepy and crawly.

Jordan Tori Celebrity Fear FactorOf course, these pairs loosely tie into the never-ending Challenge trilogy. Keen viewers will recall Jordan & Tori and CT & Cara Maria were partners in the last challenge prior to the Dirty Thirty final and won, meaning all four of them earned a spot in that season’s finale. While Jordan took the title, the other three came up short with CT & Tori finishing third and Cara Maria finishing in second.CT Cara Maria Jordan Tori Dirty ThirtyMake sure to tune in if you want to know which Challenger has want it takes to win… if they’re not defeated by one of the other two teams.

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