Challenge: Final Reckoning

Which Team Could Survive Redemption

The Challenge: Final Reckoning Episode 4 will be focused on Redemption, and someone is coming back to the house. Some teams seem to be in redemption because of poor performance, and this may keep them from returning to the house. Other teams may have the tools needed to get into the main house and become a successful team. These are the teams who could become successful and the ones destined to flop.

Britni & Chuck

Let’s be honest, this team is destined for disaster. I would be shocked to seem them get their act together and perform as a real team. I don’t see them advancing past redemption, and even if they do, I can’t seem them being too successful in the main house. Britni has Brad, but I’m sure the team will continue fighting and paint an easy target on their backs.

Jenna & Jemmye

While Chuck & Britni probably can’t work well together, I think these two can. Both of them are sensible enough to know working together is the only way to be successful. With that said, I don’t know this is the strongest team. Jenna has done well in elimination, even winning Redemption on Dirty Thirty. Jemmye doesn’t have as great of a track record, but she did do well on Rivals 2 as the wingwoman of a strong player, Camila. If they get back into the house, they will be in the best position. Jemmye has a lot of friends and knows how the work the lay-up card. Jenna has Zach, so they should be able to stay out of future eliminations for a while.

Jozea & Da’Vonne

Pretty much no one knows these two, so they’re a wild card team. Based on Champs vs. Stars, Jozea isn’t the best competitor. Da’Vonne performed decently well in physical comps on Big Brother, but her social game was usually her downfall. I think they might do better than Britni & Chuck, but they’re the second to worst team in my opinion. If they get into the main house again, they’ll likely be viewed as an easy target due to their newbie status. I don’t see much hope for them this season.

Paulie & Natalie

The most recent addition to the Redemption House, I believe these two are the strongest team. In a one-on-one competition, I’d think they can outperform any other team in Redemption. However, I think they’re in a tricky spot if they return to the main house. Paulie is involved with Cara Marie’s messy love triangle and Natalie has a new vendetta with Kayleigh and Kam.


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