Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 4

It’s all about redemption!

1. New Guests from Hell

 Paulie and Natalie arrive in Redemption to mixed reactions. Jozea and Da’Vonne are glad to have their Big Brother besties in the house, and everyone gathers around to hear his stories from the Main House, except Chuck who slept the whole time. The Redemption houseguests share their stories and have reached the consensus that Britni is crazy.  Paulie plans to use this information for “mental warfare.” If he gets back in the house, he’s spreading the rumor that Chuck and Britni slept together.

2. Old Flames and New Vendettas

Kayleigh opens up about her feeling toward Nelson after Vendettas. The two are not on good terms, but Kayleigh admits Nelson visited her after getting eliminated from Vendettas. Their relationship never advanced and he left within 24 hours. Then, their anger spilled on the Vendettas reunion. It’s clear Banana’s make out session with Kayleigh hurt this relationship, but that won’t stop Bananas from making out with rookies.

3. Return of the Double Cross

The teams from Redemption finally get a text, and they’re getting their chance to return. However, the Double Cross is here to crush dreams. Whoever pulls the double cross will compete in redemption and pick a team to compete against. The two teams left out of this mix go straight home. Jozea draws first, but doesn’t get the double cross. Then Paulie draws and gets the double cross. He decides to send Jenna & Jemmye and Britni & Chuck home to separate the couples. Needless to say, Brad and Zach are pissed.

4. Big Ballers

Paulie & Natalie are competing against Jozea & Da’Vonne in a game called Balls to the Wall. In the game, competitors are in a cage and must smash a mallet through drywall then use the mallet to break through a wall of ice. Paulie gets his mallet free first, followed by Jozea. Essentially, this becomes a race between the two girls. Frustrated, Da’Vonne summons her inner Black Panther and maneuvers her mallet in such a way that the dry wall breaks. Jozea then breaks the ice and he and Da’Vonne have earned a spot back in the house! Paulie & Natalie aren’t gone, they’re back to redemption.

5. Second Place Rage

Paulie is back to Redemption, but not without a few words. He pissed off Brad and Zach, so now he has enemies in the Main House. Before he leaves, he promises his return. This is met with laughter from Brad, Zach, and Kyle and Paulie starts to yell at them and call them pussies. Paulie tries to charge at them, but security holds him back. Before getting shipped back to Redemption, Paulie spreads the lie about Britni and Chuck hooked up. While people know he’s acting a fool right now, this comment clearly caused some uncertainty in Brad.

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