Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 5

One teams is back, one team is purged.

1. New Game, New HouseBrad The Challenge

Jozea & Da’Vonne enjoy the thrill of entering the main house, and they’re going to use the information they learned in Redemption to their advantage. They tell Tori they had surveillance and have been able to keep tabs on the rest of the house, but Brad is the one who is really concerned. After Paulie told him Britni and Chuck slept together, he asks Jozea for details about Britni. Jozea doesn’t say the slept together, but he does imply Britni was still into Chuck. Everything Chuck did was to repair the team. Everything Britni did was to repair the relationship.

2. The Steaks are High

This week’s challenge is a Purge challenge, and the casts walks in to see a ropes course suspended over water. Between each rope is a large, dangling steak. Teams must traverse the  course and the team who performs the worst is going straight to Redemption while the winning team has an advantage in the next challenge. The only two teams to complete the course are Brad & Kyle and Bananas & Tony, but Brad & Kyle take the victory. For the worst team, it’s clear. A few teams only made it to the first rope, but Veronica fell before the first rope. She and CT are going to Redemption.

3. Redemption House of Horror

CT Redemption House

After losing, CT & Veronica are greeted by Natalie & Paulie. They’re shocked to see them, and Veronica admits she’s the one who fell. CT is still mad and won’t talk to Veronica. When they do talk, CT accuses her of not caring about the game. They get into a fight and Veronica threatens to quit. She doesn’t, because if she can’t win $1,000,000 she can drink $1,000,000 worth of wine.

4. A Bruised Banana

Tony Final Reckoning

Bananas and Tony finally get to talking, and Bananas expresses how shocked he was that Tony turned on him last season. Bananas knows this show, and he knows Tony didn’t need to make a huge move to be a valued competitor in the series. On the other hand, Tony wanted to express his ability to play the game. He’s really not apologetic, but his logic doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

5. The Fancy Things

Nelson Kayleigh The Challenge

Nelson and Kayleigh are talking again, and as soon as things appear to be going well, Nelson ruins it. He starts to flirt with Faith and Kayleigh gets jealous. After this happens at the club, the two talk the next morning. Nelson admits that he “fancies” Kayleigh, and while she admits that she likes him, she also feels he’s way too flirtatious. She doesn’t think this relationship is going anywhere.


  1. CT has every right to be pissed. He got paired with V and he could have been paired with tons of other people. Meanwhile Bananas gets paired with Tony!

      1. Well he said some critical things about Aneesa that she wasn’t happy about in Champs vs Stars, and the same goes for Brooke Hogan who ended up in tears after CT’s disappointment in her refusal to participate in a challenge.. Aneesa wouldn’t have been much an improvement over Veronica, but Brooke probably would have been.

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