Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 6

It’s been so long since we saw a vote that I forgot how the voting system works.

1. Hen Party

Sylvia finds herself in a room full of hens, AKA room full of single females. Her roommates are Amanda, Faith, and Kayleigh. All three of these girls have a “rooster,” meaning her roommates are hooking up with a single guy in the house. Kayleigh has Nelson, Faith has Kyle, and Amanda has Joss. All seems to be going well for these girls, but people begin to question their intentions. Specifically, people think Faith is using Kyle while her partner Angela is using Bananas.

2. A Huge Advantage

The challenge is named Off the Rails and competitors music work together in unison to cross an obstacle course consisting of a balance beam and a rope course. The catch? This course is on top of a moving train. Throughout the course, there are four lifelines, dangling ropes for support. The huge advantage Kyle & Brad won last episode is the ability to remove a rope from a competing team. They ultimately choose to take a lifeline away from Cara Marie & Marie, prolonging the ongoing drama between Kyle and Cara Maria.

3. Train Wrecks

The obstacle course proves to be more challenging than anticipated. Bananas & Tony go first, and manage to complete the course but struggle. Cara Marie & Marie fall off the course right where their omitted lifeline would be, so Kyle has effectively interfered with Cara Maria’s game. After the first heat, teams full off rather quickly until the final heat. Both Zach & Amanda and Joss & Sylvia finish, with Zach & Amanda finishing first. Zach & Amanda are the winning team this time around and they’ve earned safety and the power vote.

4. Burn the Vote

Knowing the most-voted team would be able to chose their opponents, many people are trying to burn their votes. Meanwhile, Shane wants to ensure Faith & Angela go into the Armageddon because they are Kyle and Bananas’s support in this game. Zach & Amanda direct their power vote at Jozea & Da’Vonne, so Shane tries to convince Jozea & Da’Vonne to vote for Faith & Angela and keep themselves safe. When it comes time to vote, many teams are burning votes. Da’Vonne made a deal with Faith, so she votes for Shane & Nelson as well. Meanwhile, Cara Maria & Maria vote for Brad & Kyle due to their grenade in the Off the Rails challenge. The secret voting systems proves to derail Shane’s attempt to sway the votes.

5. Secrets Hurt Someone

Kyle had tried to win favor with Cara Maria the night before voting, so he is angry when Cara Marie voted for him. Brad is also hurt, feeling like Cara Maria is trying to take away his opportunity to win money for his kids, even though they took a direct shot at Cara Maria & Marie during the challenge. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne lets Shane know she didn’t vote Faith & Angela into the Armageddon. Shane is pissed and calls Da’Vonne a bitch. They begin to argue, and Da’Vonne is ready to fight with Shane. We’ll see who really goes into the Armageddon next episode.


  1. I love Cara Maria but this episode drove me nuts!

    I can’t tell if Cara is really upset about the whole Paulie thing…or she just reacts for the sake of drama and a plot line.

    Why would Cara go around telling people that they voted for Paulie?!?! Keep it a secret if you can! For as long as you can!

    And Cara going on about the “little girls at home watching her”! Please girl! The fan base for this show is not 11 year old girls!!!

  2. Cara really comes off as desperate when it comes to what’s-his-name with the bandana.
    Paulie has some serious crazy eyes, he just looks off to me.

    What is the green wine they’re all drinking? It looks like listerine.

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