Kailah Casillas Joining Lindsay Lohan in Upcoming ‘Lohan Beach House’ Reality Show

Recently, MTV has begun filming a show in Greece starring Lindsay Lohan as she opens her Lohan Beach House. The show will follow Lohan and her staff as they work, live and fight in the Mediterranean club and beach house. The show is supposed to be similar to Vanderpump Rules, the Bravo! reality show Faith from Final Reckoning originally appeared on.

According to Vevmo, the show has a mid-season addition to the staff: Kailah Casillas from The Real World and The Challenge.

Kailah currently resides in Las Vegas with her DJ boyfriend and can be seen attending and hosting many parties in Sin City. Her transition to the Lohan Beach House should be easy, as she is used to wild parties and crazies in the Challenge house. This season, Kailah was kicked off Final Reckoning for brawling with Melissa.

Perhaps this will be a better fit for Kailah than The Challenge. Or maybe she’ll crash and burn in Greece. If you want to know, you’ll need to watch.

EDIT: Actual picture of Kailah with some of her coworkers/ costars.

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