Challenge: Final Reckoning

Mercenaries: Is the Twist Great?

It started on Cutthroat when Tina and CT showed up as “heady hitters,” taking Bananas and Theresa out in the process. Then, Zach and CT came in and took out Abe and his brother Mike on Bloodlines. Last season we lost Joss, Shane, Britni, and Veronica to the Mercenaries. This season, we may lose Faith & Angela to Ashley & Hunter as they emerged as a new set of Mercenaries. Unlike last season, Ashley & Hunter are playing for higher stakes. If they beat Faith & Angela, they’re in the game.

Both Heavy Hitters and Mercenaries were met with excitement and frustration. CT eliminating Bananas and Derrick eliminating Joss were eventful eliminations, but other competitors were taken out of the competition without a fair shot.

This season, the twist is met with the same emotions, but the twist does seem less pointless. Firstly, Faith & Angela do get a chance to return if they lose. They are sent to Redemption, where they could face someone like CT or get sent straight home in a Double Cross. At least their opportunity to win isn’t complete gone. It also doesn’t seem so pointless to have Ashley & Hunter show up. After all, they want to compete and they’re going to be a tough team if they earn their way into the house. It’s not like they’re just eliminating a team for a free vacation and 15 minutes on TV.

Of course, some people do get screwed in the process. This could be Faith & Angela, or this could mean Ashley & Hunter showed up for nothing. It also seems like we have a bucket of twists this season, and the show is a random mess. While the occasional twist is good, too many twists deter the strategic aspect of the game. Many people were upset to see Kam’s huge strategy get diminished by the Mercenaries.

Of the four seasons with Heavy Hitters or Mercenaries, I think this season does it the best. If I was in charge, I wouldn’t have done the twist this way, but it’s not my decision. I like that the twist isn’t just about generating buzz, and I like that the new Mercenaries actually want to compete. But I really do think Faith & Angela has exceeded expectations as rookies and it seems like a disappointment if the lose for the sake of this twist.

How do you feel about this season’s Mercenary twist compared to other seasons?

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