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The History of Challengers Throwing Challenges

Shane has been on The Challenge for a long time, but this week he pulled his most bold move yet: blatantly throwing the Don’t Push Me Around challenge. Many people called the move shady, but I disagree. It was rude, conniving, and selfish, but we all knew exactly what he was doing and he didn’t try to hide his motives. This is a contradiction to the majority of thrown challenges. Over the course of Challenge history we’ve seen quite a few challenges get thrown. Often, competitors will pretend they’re trying or remain silent until after the challenge is done. These are some of the times when competitors threw a challenge, for one reason or another.

Balcony Swing: The Inferno

In this moment, Veronica became the shadiest and most influential Challenger we’d seen. After being nominated for The Inferno, the entire Road Rules team (minus Katie) agreed to throw the Balcony Swing challenge to give Veronica the win. This meant she’d use the Aztec LifeSaver to remover herself from the block and send Katie straight into The Inferno. It worked, it cost team Road Rules $10,000, and Katie didn’t even lose The Inferno.

Saturn Valet Ballet: The Inferno

Road Rules wanted to take a second stab at Katie’s life in the game, this time trying to ensure Timmy won the LifeSaver. Meanwhile, Kendal was out of the loop and outperformed Timmy, ruining the plan. The Real World team had also caught onto the challenge-throwing strategy and ensured David won the LifeSaver to send Leah into The Inferno. Basically, only a handful of people tried to win this Challenge, Road Rules didn’t even accomplish their goal, and Leah was the real loser because she was sent into The Inferno and went home.

Vertigo: Battle of the Sexes 2

The men dominated the women on Battle of the Sexes 2, but as added insurance they threw their final mission. Clearly the ladies had planned on losing and sending Arissa home, so giving the women the victory meant Arissa would be in the last inner circle then ushered into the final. It was a success for the men who kept Arissa around and defeated the girls in the final challenge.

Run For Your Money: The Inferno 2

Angry at her team, Beth vowed she’d never help the Bad Asses win again. After collecting as much money as she could during the Run For Your Money challenge, she deliberately miscounted her wad of cash. Perhaps this isn’t the sole reason the Bad Asses lost, but she could have helped them win. But she’s Beth, and she always had a trick up her sleeve.

Giraffic Park: The Inferno 3

Johnny Bananas received a lot of grievances when the Good Guys lost this mission because he allegedly hid the fact that all of the matching giraffe statues had unique foot pattern. In reality Bananas didn’t try to this this challenge, it was Cara. She wanted her best friend Susie to win the Life Shield so she took her sweet time. While Paula ended up with the Life Shield, the disaster wasn’t enough to cost the Good Guys the mission. It enough for Johnny to hold a grudge and bring up Susie’s antics on The Ruins.

Chill Out: The Gauntlet 3

This season was filled with Challenge throwing because the daily missions had no monetary prize attached to them, but Chill Out seems to be the standout in terms of thrown challenges. The Veterans decided they had too many weak females on their team, so they determined they were going to lose and force a Veteran Female Gauntlet. They started dropping out of the challenge until Danny was the only veteran left. Then, Danny tried to make extra deals with the Rookies to ensure his own safety. They didn’t buy it and still won. Katie was the real loser as she went home after losing this Gauntlet.

Wall Walker: The Ruins

By the point that Johnny, Evan, and Kenny had secured their spot in the final, they got a little more greedy. This was in the form of getting rid of Susie and ensuring Casey was in the final, resulting in an easy Champion win. The theory: if the Challengers won they’d send Kellyanne into The Ruins. She’d face Susie in hopes of taking Susie’s money. This keeps Casey for the final and could get rid of Susie. The challenge wasn’t thrown, but we’d come to a point where throwing challenges was such a viable strategy that the big dogs considered it because they were afraid of Sarah and Kellyanne.

Catch & Release: Rivals

The men on The Ruins came up with a great plan to take out CT & Adam: Make Evan & Nehemiah do it! The only problem was Evan failing to tell Nehamiah when he was going to execute this plan. So, Evan swam really slow and lost the challenge deliberately. Nehemiah was pissed, and rightfully so. Both guys lost to CT & Adam and went home.

Wrecking Ball: Battle of the Exes 2

After a series of pair and individual Challenges, we went a while without people throwing challenges. But good ol’ Bananas, victim of Shane’s most recent sabotage, decided he wanted someone else to do his dirty work when he returned on Battle of the Exes 2. After targeting Wes and ensuring Wes & Theresa would be sent straight to The Dome, Bananas & Nany deliberately lost. This meant someone else would win. As a result, Sarah & Jordan won and sent in Leroy & Nia. Bananas got his biggest ally into The Dome without getting the blood on his hands.

Too Clingy: Battle of the Bloodlines

To be clear, the Blue Team threw every single challenge this season. Teams weren’t winning money, so players wanted the results that would most benefit themselves. Bananas always wanted to win (obviously) because he’d have influence over the vote. Jenna always wanted to lose because she was still a rookie, and she believed she’d do better in elimination than Brianna. This challenge stands out because both teams wanted to throw it, though the blue team ultimately sucked more. It’s also notable because Jamie called out Kellyanne after her cousin Anthony was so obvious about his attempt to throw the challenge.

Jumbo Table Hockey: Champs vs. Stars 2

The Red Team lost this challenge, and the bulk of the team tried. So why is this notable? Because Jozea claimed on the reunion that he threw this challenge. He had no idea how to use a hockey stick and claimed it would benefit his game. In all honesty, the Red Team really tried. I think Jozea
was just that bad.

Don’t Push Me Around: Final Reckoning

The most recent Challenge, were Shane threw it for his team. Like many of the ones thrown on this list, his decision wasn’t devoid of logic. He may not have been an admirable choice, but it was a move to preserve his spot in the game. Ultimately, his biggest flaw was being so open about his move and fighting with Jozea… though that did bring the LOLs.



  1. The good guys actually won the Girfaffic Park mission. Both Kenny and Evelyn failed to find matches whereas the only good guy who failed was Alton.

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