Challenge: Final Reckoning

Ashley & Hunter: Do They Stand a Chance Now that They’re In the House?

For the first time ever, Mercenaries have defeated competitors and taken their spot in the house. Now, Ashley & Hunter are a team competing for the $1,000,000 prize. But they’ve skipped the beginning of the game and haven’t had a change to forge alliances yet.

However, I think these two come into the game in a very comfortable position. Here are their allies: Hunter has Nelson and kind of Tony as a part of team Young Bucks. Ashley has Amanda, Sylvia, and Shane has part of the Lavender Ladies. Ashley quickly earned the favor of Kyle by politidicking, and she seems to have already blended into the cast.

So, they’re sitting pretty. The only people who they don’t have ties to are Jozea & Da’Vonne, Bananas & Tony (kind of), and Cara Maria & Marie. Even though these teams aren’t allies, they do have some level of friendship or respect for Ashley or Hunter. Though Ashley may have made a “vendetta” in Cara Maria by sleeping with Kyle.

If I was a team in the house right now, I would be very afraid of Ashley and Hunter. They have friends, respect, and the ability to go the distance. They just won an elimination and they both have impressive accomplishments on past Challenges. In fact, Ashley is a Champion and Hunter came really close on both of his prior seasons. Their biggest weakness is the fact that they are so good and could be targeted for that very reason.

There’s also the possibility of a team returning from redemption an targeting them. Faith has every reason to dislike Ashley, and most of the people in redemption don’t have ties to these two. Though CT seems to respect Ashley and Tori seems to be friendly with her and Hunter. However, Paulie might be bold enough to take a stab at them. Even if Faith or Paulie do return to the game, it’s going to be hard to get rid of Ashley & Hunter. At the moment, they are likely one of the top teams in the game and everyone else should be afraid.


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