The Challenge

CT Marries Girlfriend Lilianet Solares

This weekend was a big weekend for The Challenge. Challenge legend CT is officially off the market! He has married his girlfriend and son’s mother Lilianet Solares.

As reported earlier, the wedding was filmed by MTV and will be included in an upcoming special. Challenge fans will be able to watch CT as he weds someone who has never been on MTV before.

The wedding was also attended by a small group of Challengers. The six guests at the event were: Cara Maria Sorbello, Wes Bergmann, Tony Raines, Leroy Garrett, Shane Landrum, and Derrick Kosinski. In the earlier announcement about the wedding special, it was reported there would be some Challengers would be in attendance. It was speculated that Camila would be attending but she was either not invited, or too busy posting inspiration quotes on Instagram. People also assumed Bananas would be there, but CT was not happy with him. Allegedly he said some not-so-nice things about Lilianet, so he didn’t get invited.

I’m happy for CT, Lilianet, and CJ. Wishing them all the happiness in the world!


  1. maybe it’s because of their Boston allowance but I would think zach or Johnny Reilly would of been invited. Also david from real world Seattle.

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