Real World Skeletons

Madison Giving Custody of Her & Tony’s Daughter to Her Parents

I have been avoiding this topic, as I viewed it as deeply personal. However, Radar online has published the story so I wanted to touch upon it.Madison has posted an Instagram story last night reading: “All my truth will soon be revealed. Alot to told and owned. But only healing and a beautiful life to come from all the pain i am overcoming. All i ask is to be patient with me. I love everyone of you with all i have.” Her sister has also address her absence from social media amid some rumors.

While Madison’s story is deliberately vague, it comes out hours before Radar’s story about Madison giving up custody of her daughter Harper to her parents. There have been rumors circulating about Madison recently, mostly due to pictures she posted of herself with her boyfriend on Instagram. In these pictures, Madison has shown considerable weight loss and her boyfriend (now ex) appears exhausted and frail. This has lead many people to speculate she has relapsed and began using drugs again. On Real World Skeletons, Madison opened up about her past use of drugs, namely heroine.

One thing I’d like to make clear, no credible source has confirmed Madison has relapsed. In fact, her parents denied it according to Radar.

Due to her continued struggles, Madison has requested her parents have custody of her & Tony’s daughter Harper. Madison was living with her parents at the time of the request, and her parents have been a constant presence in Harper’s life. However, Tony does not want to sign of his custody of his daughter. Fans have noted that Harper has spend a lot of time with Tony, Alyssa (his current girlfriend and Skeleton), as well as their daughter (Harper’s sister).

Right now, Tony is confident that they will be able to reach a custody agreement outside of court.

I am sending the best of luck to Madison and Tony. It’s clear Madison is going through a struggle right now and I hope she comes out a stronger person. She has always had plenty of love from The Challenge & Real World fans, and I hope they are able to continue to provide her with positive thoughts.


  1. Tony has shown some growth since the real world and past challenges. His drinking has been better and he has shown more respect towards women more including Alyssa. I think it would be unfair for this to happen because tony seems to be the more responsible parent right now and even if Madison gets better and gets custody back from her parents she could relapse again.

    1. 1. We don’t know that Madison relapsed. I don’t want to continue that rumor.

      2. I agree. Tony has shown a great deal of maturing. He’s always been committed to his family, but I think he’s stepping up big time during Madison’s period of difficulties. Tony wants Harper to have the best, and for both of his daughters to grow up as siblings. He’s earned my respect, and I hope he reaches an agreement where he is able to continue supporting Harper.

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