Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 10

The Double Cross is in play and people are scared.

1. Chocolate Temptation

With Jozea & Da’Vonne having the power of the Double Cross, the other teams in Redemption are trying to earn their spot competing against them. CT is even trying to “polidick” with Jozea. When the cast goes to the club, Derrick tries to pursue Da’Vonne and insists he has been interested in her. She laughs, knowing it’s all a game and she’s not buying it.

2. Library is Open, Read

When the five teams from Redemption arrive in Armageddon, Jozea interrupts TJ an invites the people in Redemption to call out the rest of the cast. Angela stars, babbling on about Kam and how she’s seeking revenge. Natalie also goes on some rant, but it’s met with little fear. Faith reveals the most dirt when she exposes Ashley’s hook up with Kyle. This is the first time Cara Maria heard about this, and Hunter is surprised because Ashley denied the hook up. Despite the information, Jozea & Da’Vonne stick with their Big Brother alliance and take Paulie & Natalie into Redemption. CT & Veronica, Derrick & Tori, and Faith & Angela go straight home.

3. Scheming and Dreaming

Jozea & Da’Vonne face Paulie & Natalie in a competition named Pyramid Schemers. The teams will rotate in three minute intervals and must complete two puzzles on a rotating pyramid. Jozea & Da’Vonne go first and win complete one puzzle in their first heat. Natalie gets flustered and she & Paulie fall behind during their first heat. Jozea & Da’Vonne finish their puzzles during their second heat, and Paulie & Natalie cannot complete their puzzle in their allotted time. This means Paulie & Natalie head back to Redemption and Jozea & Da’Vonne are back in the Main House. Deja vu.

4. Dip and Dine

The challenge this week is named Dunking for Dinner. It’s played in two heats. Heat one will place one teammate suspended by their ankles on a crane. The other teammate will operate the crane, dipping one teammate in the water to transport bags from one bucket to another. The transported bags represent plates of food for the second heat. In the second heat, the crane operator will be eating plates of food, the more plates you have the higher your score can be. The team who eats the most plates in the fastest time are the winners. The team who eats the fewest plates will be sent straight to redemption. The first heat proves to be very frustrating, especially for Shane who spends most of his time with Nelson suspending his head underwater. Only three teams collect all eleven bags while Cara Maria & Marie only retrieve six bags. This means any team who eats seven plates of food will automatically advance, because Cara Maria can eat no more than six plates.

5. Purging and Purging

Cue the eating. There are three dishes: sheep intestines, chicken feet, and sacks of fish eggs. Many of the players quickly start vomiting, except for Jozea who is able to eat the food with ease. He and Da’Vonne are basically dancing through the competition. Zach throws up and Amanda has to hold the buck for him, but she does because she’s a dedicated competitor. Hunter is the first person to eat all eleven plates, so he and Ashley are the winners. At this point, many teams receive immunity because they’ve completed seven plates of food. It’s now down to Kam and Cara Maria. Both have only consumed three plates and the fifteen minute time cap is approaching. Then, the episode ends. Cliffhanger.

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