The Challenge

Eight Cases of Incredible Luck on The Challenge

Luck plays a big role in Challenge success, and some people seem to get all the worst luck on The Challenge. Whether it’s multiple quitting partners, numerous injuries, or a series of eliminations, these people have to battle season after season. On the other hand, there are people who have benefited from great luck on The Challenge. This season, Paulie & Natalie are a great example, having lived in the Redemption house. They’re not the only ones, and these are some of the luckiest Challengers so far.

Dan Renzi- Battle of the Sexes

When Puck quit, there was an open spot on the boy’s team on Battle of the Sexes. Fortunately for Dan, he was ushered back into the competition and was able to redeem himself after getting eliminated. However, skill trumped his luck. He was eliminated because he had the lowest score out of anyone on his team. Because his team played a fair game and he didn’t too so well on his second chance, he was immediately sent out of the game again. Still, very few people get the chance to return and that’s a huge opportunity that has only ever been awarded two other times.

Leroy- Rivals & Battle of the Exes 2

Production is really inconsistent when teammates have to leave. Leroy almost always finds himself on a team where someone leaves, but he’s had replacements brought in. When Adam got kicked out for violating the rules, he got Mike Mike. When Nia was ejected from the game for getting too handsy with Jordan, Theresa replaced her. Meanwhile, poor Averey was sent home when Leroy had to leave due to an injury on Rivals 3 and she’s never had the shot to redeem herself.

Jasmine & Theresa, Cooke & Cara Maria- Rivals 2

Poor Sarah. She may be the queen of bad luck on The Challenge. After getting sent home from Rivals 2 due to Trishelle leaving, there was a team missing on the female side. Jasmine & Theresa got all the way to The Jungle before TJ revealed there wouldn’t be an elimination. Both teams lived to see another day, but fans were curious to know who could have taken the victory.

Johnny Reilly- Free Agents

In episode 3 of Free Agents, Johnny was voted into elimination. In the same episode, Frank (who had atrocious luck this season) was sent home due to his pneumonia. So Johnny avoided elimination because no one flipped the kill card. Later, Johnny would avoid the kill card every single time he was in The Draw this season and he easily slid into the final without having to go into elimination.

Theresa Gonzalez- Battle of the Exes 2

Wes & Theresa played a great game on Exes 2 without accounting for the Battle of the Ex-iled twist. Once Bananas returned, their game was pretty much dead. Then, they got sent into The Dome and lost due to Wes getting rocked by Leroy. Essentially, Theresa’s game went from incredibly strategic to incredibly unlucky to incredibly lucky. Her luck came after Nia was sent home and she got to compete with her ex Leroy. Only one elimination separated her and the final, and she won the elimination. So, her return pretty much handed her money.

Devin & Cheyenne- Rivals 3

Cheyenne rivals 3


Obviously this team is the epitome of luck. After getting eliminated early, they were able to return to the Rivals 3 competition. Once back in the house they avoided every elimination because they never pulled the black skull at The Jungle. They were basically able to avoid any real difficulties and receive money. Granted, they came in third because they were awful competitors.

Jordan Wiseley- Dirty Thirty

Jordan would eventually win Dirty Thirty, but he had to get really, really lucky to do it. Not only did he pull multiple Double Crosses, he was also the recipient of circumstantial luck. He was sent straight into Redemption, and came in second in the Redemption challenge. Due to Nelson leaving the competition, two males were able to return to the game while only one female could. So, Jordan was able to return even though came in second. Then, he won the largest prize to date.

Paulie & Natalie- Final Reckoning

The most recent recipients of great luck. Due to the Redemption aspect of Final Reckoning, Paulie & Natalie have lost three eliminations and they’re still in the game. Having one loss and then the opportunity to battle back into the competition is great luck. Having this happen three times is luckier than any other losers we’ve ever seen.


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