Challenge: Final Reckoning

Girl/Girl Teams: Are They Disadvantaged?

More often than not, a Challenge episode will now end with a cliffhanger. Last week, we saw the end of a Purge challenge where Kam and Cara Maria were fighting for their lives in the game. Unsurprisingly, the only two girls eating in the eating contest are in last place. Of course, these teams have no choice other than making a female eat because both teammates are females. In fact, all of the girl/girls teams have found themselves in tough spots this season. Jenna & Jemmye were sent to Redemption after the first challenge. Faith & Angela lasted a little longer, but were sent to Redemption at the hands of the Mercenaries. Now, one of the other girl/girl teams will be sent to Redemption due to a Purge. Meanwhile, daily challenges have been dominated by Zach & Amanda and Brad & Kyle. Kam & Kayleigh did manage to pull out one win, but other than that the girl/girl teams have struggled thus far.

To be honest, it seems this season is not designed for these teams to do well. Many physical challenges are going to be dominated by he strongest males, and the females are at a severe disadvantage. While Kam won because she was very crafty, most challenges won’t reward that type of game play. This will allow the same teams to continue to win, or at least keep the female teams from winning.

Of course, this season has not been fair for many of the teams. The same teams seem to keep getting all the best luck while other teams go home without a fair shot. The girl/girl teams have been hit the hardest by all of the twists this season. I don’t think production is intentionally designing challenges for females to do poorly or implementing twists to target female teams, but the fact of the matter is these female teams are going to have a harder time than their male counterparts. Keep in mind, we do have three male/male teams and none of them have even seen Redemption yet. Clearly something is off balance here.

There’s a reason prior Challenges have separated the boys and girls, and this season proves that was more fair and provided more entertaining competitions. Now, we have to watch the same people win, the same people lose, and the same people get “lucky.”

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