Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 11

One team is Purged, then we get a challenge.

1. The Last Supper

Kam and Cara Maria are in the process of eating plates of food to save themselves from The Purge. With only a few minutes remaining, both have consumed three plates. Kayleigh and Nelson are coaching Kam, and Marie is kind of coaching Cara Maria. In reality, she’s just telling Cara to STFU and stuff her face with food. This works, because Cara Maria finishes all six of her plates and Kam only eats the three. Kam & Kayleigh are now heading to redemption.

2. Third Wheel Blues

The cast goes to the club, and Cara Maria approaches Ashley after finding out she slept with Kyle. Cara is not overly confrontational, but she does want Ashley to know this hurt her because she viewed Ashley as a friend. Of course, Ashley is not apologetic. Last she heard Cara Maria was “over” Kyle. While Cara Maria knows she said this but they both know she was lying. Ashley claims she’s not a mind reader and she’s not sorry.

3. Complaints and Confrontation

When the cast gets home, Joss joins Amanda in bed and listens to her complain about Cara Maria. Cara Maria overhears the complaints and confronts Amanda. The two argue, but the viewers get nothing out of this because the argument is one continuous string of bleeps due to all the cussing. Ashley jumps in to defend Amanda and Cara Maria eventually just laughs at the Lavender Ladies. After the fight, Cara Maria is talking it out and Amanda confronts her. It’s a brief round two, but it ends with Amanda hoping Cara Maria’s horse dies.

4. Venting it Out

At the Redemption house, Kayleigh is less than thrilled to see Natalie. The two have history after Vendettas when Kayleigh’s luggage was thrown over the balcony. Natalie apologizes for being a part of this and encouraging her luggage being thrown. Natalie’s real anger stems from the fact that Kayleigh outed her on social media, commenting that Natalie was a lesbian. While Natalie does not identify as a lesbian, she it attracted to women and is dating a woman. Kayleigh apologizes, but then backtracks stating that she was just defending herself when people were commenting on her hook up with Bananas. This happened before Natalie was involved with Bananas, and Kayleigh felt Natalie and Bananas’s relationship was fabricated because Natalie wasn’t attracted to men. The two argue and scream, and then they separate without having anything resolved.

5. Crossing the Bridge

The challenge is named Sky Bridge and requires teams to use ropes to create a bridge across a platform. They must tie five ropes, creating a path to the opposite side of the platform. The catch? This bridge is 1,000 feet above ground. Many people are scared, but not Amanda. When she gets frustrated because she can’t tie the knots and Zach isn’t helping, she just jumps off the bridge and quits. In fact, fear paralyzes Ashley and Cara Maria, and they don’t make any progress. Shane & Nelson and Bananas & Tony have the best heat, but Nelson gets tangled and Bananas & Tony become the only team who can cross the bridge. Bananas and Tony score their first win of the season.


  1. I was disgust by the lavender whores’ their behavior is so immature hope karma comes to bite them in the ass especially that bitch named Amanda because of her they had to put a message at the end of the episode because of her:

    coming out is a brave decision to live openly and authentically, and no one should be outed without their permission.
    to find resources on coming out safety, in your way out, visit: out

  2. I agree about Amanda. She is plain mean and a bitch. She does nothing but scream and hurl insults. Keep her off the show.

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