Challenge: Final Reckoning

Cara Maria vs. Amanda & The Lavender Ladies: Off Screen Feud

It’s no secret that Amanda and Cara Maria dislike each other, and this turned into an ugly fight on Tuesday’s episode. Here a step-by-step recap of what we saw:

  • Amanda is in Joss’s room talking to Tony and Zach, complaining about Cara Maria and stating she’s a weirdo who she wouldn’t be friends with in real life
  • Cara Maria overheard this and confronts Amanda
  • Amanda calls Cara Maria a miserable cunt and tells her to leave
  • Ashley jumps in and defends Amanda
  • A whole group of Challengers watch
  • Once Ashley jumps in, Banana starts yelling “nobody likes you” to Cara Maria as a joke
  • Cara Maria is laughing and walks away
  • Marie tells the Lavender Ladies to calm down and stop ganging up on Cara
  • Da’Vonne insists Cara Marie’s partner has her back, Cara says she knows and is kind of venting about the confrontation
  • Amanda approaches Cara Maria in her new room, tells her shes a weirdo and a loner who only cares about her horse. Cara says “that’s not so bad” then Amanda says “I hope your horse dies.”
  • The Lavender Ladies cool off and Marie comes to defend Cara. Sylvia points out Marie only cares because Cara is her partner. Otherwise she’d be with the Lavender Ladies

That’s where the episode ended the drama. However, there’s plenty more online. Let’s start with Amanda’s tweet about editing:

This I believe. I believe that people were trying to start fake drama because Kyle and Marie were sitting in the same bed. Amanda was probably annoyed with people trying to continue the Kyle/ Cara drama. Does that justify some of the names she called Cara? Not at all. If this is true, I can certainly understand why she’s annoyed. Viewers are annoyed by the endless Cara Maria and Kyle drama, so living through it must be repetitive and irritating.

Viewers have mostly taken a dislike toward Amanda. I can admit, many of her statement are malicious, but we’ve seen worse on the show. However, someone has taken their hatred for Amanda to a new level. Someone created a poll to get her banned from The Challenge. Tony tweeted it:

But, Amanda isn’t exactly apologetic. In fact, she seems to have settled into her role as the bad guy. She stated (and I believe this to be true) that her hatred for Cara Maria will continue to get her cast.

Cara Maria is trying to take the high road. She doesn’t believe she’s a victim nor is she calling the Lavender Ladies bullies. She thinks they’re sad and have power and numbers to they’re taking it out on her. She’s decided to take the attention from the controversy and encourage people to buy Cameos from her Cameo account. All of the proceeds from this will be donated to the Equissave Foundation in Amanda’s name. I have to admit, that’s a pretty funny response.

So what’s the verdict here? Nothing. There may have been some editing magic on the show, but the story is basically the same. Amanda is annoyed by Cara and knows what to say to get under Cara’s skin. People are always going to call Cara Maria names. Amanda’s hopes won’t kill a horse. We will continue to get Amanda/ Cara Maria and Kyle/ Cara Maria drama. This will get them all cast on the show in the future. In four seasons, I wonder if Cara Maria will befriend Amanda, just like she befriended people like Bananas or Zach who once made fun of her but kept competing with her on Challenges.

In addition to Cara Maria and Amanda, Laurel decided to chime in:

To be honest, I’m not sure what she’s referring to. We know she’s not Cara Maria’s biggest fan now, but we also know she’s been on seasons where Cara got bullied. Maybe she’s tired of people insulting her. Or maybe she’s tired of Cara Maria getting the edit of taking the higher road. Or maybe she’s just tired of the repetitive story lines on Final Reckoning. You’re guess is as good as mine.

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