Challenge: Final Reckoning

Shane & Nelson: Are the They Team to Beat?

In a surprising but somewhat unexpected move, Shane & Nelson decided to take on Brad & Kyle in the Armageddon. Then, they beat Brad & Kyle, eliminating of one the stronger teams in the house. By doing this, they established themselves as one of the strongest teams in the house.

As a heavily connected team, it seems like Shane & Nelson should be sitting pretty. Are they really? Probably not.

Despite their victory, they are the merger between Team Young Buck and The Lavender Ladies. In many scenarios they’re going to be safe due to these connections. In a lot of other scenarios, they’ll be targeted for their relationships in the game. Remember, Bananas & Tony ultimately sent them in. Bananas and his allies will want to lessen the power of TYB and the Lavender Ladies, and Shane & Nelson will likely be their first target.

Shane & Nelson have yet to win, but the teams who have won may not be looking out for their best interests. Bananas & Tony obviously have targeted them, so they’re likely to continue targeting them. Then we have Zach & Amanda. Amanda will never want to target either Shane or Nelson, but Zach will try to get them to go into elimination. I could see a similar scenario play out if Joss & Sylvia win, where Joss would want to get rid of Shane & Nelson. At some point TYB & The Lavender Ladies will need to turn on each other, and Nelson & Shane will be the starting point of their disintegration.

Not all hope is lost, as Shane & Nelson have a good shot at winning eliminations. Shane is crafty and fairly athletic while Nelson is a package of pure muscle. Any team should be afraid to compete against them.

The way Final Reckoning is played, the best position is to lay low and pose a threat. For that reason, I think Joss & Sylvia are in the best position. Sylvia is in the Lavender Ladies, but is the least vocal. Joss poses a high intimidation factor, but Sylvia should also get recognition for her abilities in elimination. Right now I think they’re sitting pretty.

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