Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moment from Episode 17

It’s amazing how a couple of challenges can have such a drastic change on the show!

1. Banatalie Split

With Natalie back in the house, Johnny’s lingering feelings are starting to surface. Natalie also seems to question their relationship, knowing Bananas quickly moved on to Angela this season. Jealousy emerges when Bananas sees Natalie taking to Nelson at a bar and even dancing. No doubt, Bananas will use this information to his advantage.

2. Voting Apart

The Lavender Ladies have set their eyes on Bananas & Tony, all voting for these two. Meanwhile, the other three teams are split. Marie decides to burn a vote, knowing it will keep herself and Cara Maria safe. This works, and Bananas & Tony are not in elimination. They choose to compete against Joss & Sylvia. Joss is glad he has the chance to eliminate Bananas, his new enemy.

3.The Shapes in Water

The elimination is named Don’t Trip Me Up and it requires one competitor to dive underwater and retrieve multiple tiles. The other partner must build a tower to a certain height on top of a float to reach a certain height. Quickly, it becomes clear that retrieving the tiles isn’t the problem. Allowing the tower to balance on top of the float is the issue. Any time either player makes a little height on the tower is falls. Somehow, Sylvia wrangles Joss and stacks her tower perfectly, winning the elimination and sending Bananas & Tony to Redemption.

4. Love Lies

In Redemption, Bananas sees an opportunity to strike. He tells Kayleigh about the potential hook up between Nelson and Natalie. This frustrates Kayleigh even though she knows it may be a lie. She also says “there can’t be smoke without fire,” so she believes there is some truth to the claim. She’ll have to wait until she see Nelson to get answers.

5. Rolling Away

The challenge is a Purge! The worst performing team will be sent to Redemption while the best performers are going to be given an advantage in the next challenge. Today’s challenge is called Heads Will Roll, and requires on Challenger to traverse across the beam without falling off and pass a flag to their teammate. It will roll, so it’s easy to fall off. In order for a flag to be successfully transferred, both teammates must have both feet on the beam. Only Hunter & Ashley and Paulie & Natalie successfully transfer flags, with Paulie & Natalie winning because they transferred two more flags. Of the other teams, Nelson fell sooner than anyone else. This puts Nelson & Shane in last and headed straight to redemption.


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