Challenge: Final Reckoning Ratings

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Episode 17 Ratings

It’s been a long road, but there’s still some left.

Episode 17 has been viewed by 788,000 people and received a rating of 0.52 in the 18-49 demographic. It was the second highest rated cable show of the evening.

This is actually really good. Glad to see the show still has life in it.

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  1. I very much like the longer season, I hope they continue this in the future. Lets face it, the first 1/2 of every season is always the most entertaining because with a full house of people you get to enjoy the drama of the house plus the competitions. However, before the “redemption house ‘ days, once you got half way through a season and the house didn’t have as many castmates, the drama goes away and the shows were based more on just the competitions. Not nearly as entertaining. So I, for one, endorse the longer seasons, as the late season episodes still bring the drama and the events.

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