Challenge: Final Reckoning

Joss is Mad He Lost Final Reckoning and Natalie Isn’t Sorry

After Final Reckoning ended, the cast took to Twitter to voice their grievances. One of the biggest moments during the final was Paulie & Natalie’s use of their grenade. Natalie swore she wouldn’t use her grenade on Joss & Sylvia if they dropped from the standing/ endurance competition. Paulie echoed her promise, stating he swore on his family’s lives. At the last stage of the final, Natalie went back on her word and convinced Paulie to use their grenade on Joss & Sylvia. This upset team Soss and likely cost them $1,000,000. Joss isn’t shy about his opinion: the grenades are bullshit and he should have won. In fact, he accused production of manipulating the ending and faking the final times.

After production got their lashing, he set sight on Natalie.

Naturally, Natalie feels no remorse and deflected any accountability by shifting focus to Ashley & Hunter’s use of their grenade. She also justified her use of the grenade because Joss let her run into the African wild during stage 2, despite the fact that she made her promise during stage 3 and used it prior to stage 6.Natalie then accused Joss of being as real as her boobs. He was friendly to her all season but called her dumb in confessionals.

Of course, Joss said Natalie was not in danger and responsible for her own mistakes.

Then, to drag Joss’s name, she replied to Joss’s tweets from 2013 & 2015 where Joss uses homophobic slurs and uses the word “retard.”

Now, I am not defending Joss’s use of these words. While these slurs are often used in everyday talk, that isn’t an excuse for using them… let alone posting them on Twitter. But Natalie is digging for dirt trying to drag Joss’s name. She also referred to a moment during filming when Joss referred to Da’Vonne’s behavior as “8 Mile” making a reference to the Eminem movie. In the end, Natalie claims she’s done with being insulted by her cast members. She’s going to stand up for herself…. with Twitter fingers.

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