Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 20

We’re finally at the final challenge of Final Reckoning. This recap will be a little different. I’ll cover each stage of the final and the main events from that stage. Of course, the top moment in this episode is crowning the winners and deciding if the prize money is split.

To begin, every team is awarded a grenade to be used throughout the final. No one earns it, they just get it.

Stage 1Teams must climb down a ladder from a helicopter. Paulie & Natalie do it fairly quickly, as to Joss & Sylvia. Ashley & Hunter make good time even though Hunter falls about 15 feet. Marie takes a long time, giving Cara Maria & Marie a huge delay.

Stage 2

Run. Teams just run. Most teams stay together, but Paulie wants to make sure he’s ahead of Natalie so she doesn’t have the power to make the final decision. Big mistake, as Natalie gets lost. This results in a time penalty and Sylvia & Joss outlasting the rest of the teams.

Stage 3

Teams must stand on a tiny, elevated platform and share space. First to fall gets a ten minute penalty. This is Cara Maria & Marie, they fall quickly. Second to fall gets a five minute penalty and third to fall gets a two and a half minute penalty. After five houses, Paulie & Natalie cut a deal with Joss & Sylvia. If they fall, Paulie & Natalie promise not to throw their grenade of them. Joss & Sylvia fall, then Ashley & Hunter come down. This means Paulie & Natalie get no penalty.

Stage 4

In honor of the trilogy, the teams must eat 32 plates of food. Once one team is done, the remaining plates on everyone else’s table results in a one minute time penalty. Ashley & Hunter use their grenade on Joss & Sylvia. This means they need to drink a fishy shake before eating any of the 32 plates. Smart move, as Ashley & Hunter finish first. Joss & Sylvia are in second with 11 plates left, meaning Ashley & Hunter got a huge boost. Paulie & Natalie come in third and Cara Maria & Marie has basically given up at this point.

Stage 5

Another run. Teams must run into a cave where they meet TJ. However, Joss & Sylvia return the favor and throw their grenade at Hunter & Ashley. This gives them a 10 minute penalty. This time Paulie decides to stay with Natalie, so they come in first behind Joss & Sylvia behind them.

Stage 6

The final stage requires the teams to walk across hot coals. Paulie & Natalie use their grenade on Joss & Sylvia, going back on their word. This means Joss & Sylvia must unchain their ankles before proceeding. They have 32 keys and only one works. They’re angry and devastated, so Marie tries to toss the grenade right back at Paulie & Natalie. Cara Maria disagrees, and the grenade is dead. This is a very quick stage, so no one earned more than a one second lead aside of Joss & Sylvia who lost a few minutes unchaining themselves.

The Winners

Unsurprisingly, Cara Maria & Marie come in dead last. Paulie & Natalie come in third. Joss & Syvlia narrowly lose to Ashley & Hunter. This makes Ashley & Hunter our winners.

Here are the final times:

Ashley & Hunter: 69 minutes, 03 seconds

Joss & Sylvia: 69 minutes, 43 seconds

Paulie & Natalie: 71 minutes, 33 seconds

Cara Maria and Marie: 104 minutes, 28 seconds

The Decision

 Somehow, Ashley is the winner overall. When given the choice to split or steal the $1,000,000 she immediately takes it all. She claims Hunter has been a verbally abusive partner who has degraded and slut-shamed her. She doesn’t feel bad becoming a millionaire at his expense.

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