Challenge: War of the Worlds

Cara Maria Separating From the Veterans Clique?

Ever since Invasion, Cara Maria has been able to bury her beef with Bananas and the vets and join forces with the old schoolers. On Vendettas and Final Reckoning, she was particularly close with Bananas and Zach throughout the game. Well, it seems like things have changed.

Case 1: Zach

While filming the CT Wedding Special, MTV asked Challenge guests about their dream wedding and who they’d having in their party. Clearly, they wanted Challengers to be included in their answers. When Cara Maria responded, she included Zach in her wedding party.

This week, she went to Twitter (now that the wedding special is airing and Challenge 33 has finished filming) and publicly stated her cousin Jamie is her #1 and “that misogynist Zach” is out of her party. Clearly, something happen between her interview and her tweet. I’m guessing we’ll find out on Challenge 33.

Case 2: Bananas

Here’s the chain of events:

  • Cara Maria posts a video of her and Paulie getting pedicures at the spa
  • Bananas states the spa girl will have visions of “Hobbit feet” stuck in her head. This is a joke about Cara Maria’s feet Bananas had made in the past.
  • Cara Maria tweets to Bananas, saying his jokes are about as weak at his elimination record.
  • Bananas replies, stating her comeback is about as dirty as her choice in men
  • Then Cara Maria insulted Bananas choice in hook up, because one (Angela) left him for a member of TYB.

Johnny and Cara joke around a lot now, so this is likely playful. At least, it started that way. Cara Maria later went on Live and stated her feels like she’s being replaced and Bananas’s joke are rooted in true feelings. The old schoolers have embraced Kyle. Because Cara Maria has a past with Kyle, she feels she’s forced away from Bananas.

What does this mean? Firstly, there’s going to be some drama on Challenge 33. Secondly, Cara Maria may be going against the big dogs again. This is great for her, at least in my opinion. She’s become so strong, and she is able to instill fear in competitors like Bananas and Zach. She doesn’t need them to win, and if they have her as an enemy Vendetta, they have huge targets on their backs.

I’m not hoping for people to attack each other, but if this translates into some great gameplay then I’m on board.


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