Teen Mom

Cory Wharton Become a Viral Meme and He Couldn’t Be Happier

Cory recently retweeted a tweet on Twitter where a clip of him from Teen Mom is featured. The tweet jokes about Lindsay Lohan trying to adopt/ kidnap Turkish children.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand this meme. But a lot of people seem to relate to it. In fact, video in the tweet Cory retweeted has 6.9 millions views at the time of this post.

The clip is Cory reacting to seeing Ryder. In the clip he says: “Damn. That’s my baby! Like, I just knew from the get-go. I’m like ‘that’s my baby.'” Clearly Cory is emotional in the clip, and as we all know, the internet loves to exploit any emotion. So, the video clip is being applied to any situation where someone could fall in love with their “baby.”

Despite the clip being attached to a personal moment in his life, Cory loves that he’s going viral!

Cory sees the humor in this and the meme continues to gain traction. I’ve seen the video applied to different scenarios, but this is the most popular one. So for now, happy meming!

Edit: The clip was removed online. Hopefully this doesn’t make Cory less of a meme!!

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