Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Starting Teen Mom Drama With Cory Wharton

Cory took to his Instagram Live recently to address some drama started by Farrah Abraham. In his live, he commented on a remark from Farrah. She implied that the Challenge kids had a baby just to get onto Teen Mom. (I’m going to link a YouTube video of Cory’s live at the bottom of this post. However, these videos tend to get removed quickly).

In Cory’s words, if you think he had a kid just to get onto Teen Mom, you “sound stupid.” He also made it clear that he will defend his “BM” (baby momma) at all costs. He further defends Cheyenne by saying she’s a great mother and Farrah could learn some things by talking to her.

I admit, I think Cory handled this fairly well. He never called Farrah a bad mother and he knows she wants to provide the best for her child. However, there’s no reason she needs to come after Cory. While Cory is climbing up the MTV totem pole (Challenge, then Ex on the Beach, then Teen Mom), Farrah got fired from Teen Mom and seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

We’ll see if this boils into something more. It seems the holidays have given the MTV reality stars plenty of time to stir up drama.

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  1. Great, now when someone uses the term “BM” I won’t know if they are referring to a bowel movement or baby momma…

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