Big Brother Challenge: War of the Worlds

Paulie and Cara Maria have Broken Up

Sad news to all of the Cara Maria & Paulie fans out there! The couple has split.

According to UsWeekly, the two called it quits shortly before the holiday. Last we saw the two together they were on the Final Reckoning reunion. During the reunion Paulie talked about how great their relationship was. He said if he wanted to sleep with other people, he would. No big deal. Of course, the other girl would have to deal with Paulie’s tattoo of Cara Maria staring right at her. While Paulie & Cara Maria were together they got tattoos on How Far is Tattoo Far. Paulie has a portrait of Cara Maria, while Cara Maria has a bird. The bird is supposedly symbolic, but it’s much easier to live with than a portrait of your ex.

The break up comes days after Danielle Maltby went public about her feelings of depression after Paulie cheated on her (allegedly with Cara Maria). Danielle has struggled for months due to her feelings of rejection.

While the reason behind the split is unclear, it’s likely we’ll have more insight during Challenge 33.


  1. But here’s the thing with the whole Danielle situation. Cara did to her what she did to Lexi. It’s hypocritical of her to air out her drama with Paulie & Cara even though she put another individual in the exact same position with similar feelings.

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