Are You The One?

Nelson Thomas Arrested and Released from Jail

It appears Nelson has had some trouble with the law. A mugshot appeared online, taken earlier this week, when Nelson was arrested for Class B theft charges. This refers to theft of property valued from $50-$500.

On Saturday, Nelson took to social media to clear his name. He did so with the most Nelson-style comments possible. In his words “he had to repay his debt to society.”

According to Nelson, he turned himself in to avoid probation. The charges are not new, they’re five years old from when he was in college. He said the charges themself don’t matter. He wanted to clear his name and that meant spending four days in a holding cell. He said he has no regrets and thanks his fans for their support.

Of course, his “haters” went to work. Bananas tweeted a few things including “team young burglars.” I’m a Nelson fan, but I got a LOL out of that one.

It looks like life will move on for Nelson and he will be appearing on Ex on the Beach 2 later in the season.


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