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2019 Challenge and Real World Predictions

2019 brings a new start and new shows on MTV. This year, we know we’re going to get a new season of The Challenge and at least one season of a rebooted and revamped Real World. Here are some of my predictions for the upcoming year.

These predictions pertain to The Challenge, The Real Word, and the cast members on the show. Many of these predictions will extend to MTV, but must include Real World or Challenge cast members in some capacity.

Prediction 1: Season 33 Will Receive a Lot of Backlash

I could be wrong, because the introduction of UK cast members was praised on Vendettas, but I think the influx of outsides on season 33 will turn a lot of people off. Not only are the alumni most the same old people, but people know very few of the newbies. Still, I think the season will have success.

Prediction 2: Season 34 Will Have Fewer Outsiders

Luckily, season 33 is being markets as “War of the Worlds” and the influx of outsiders is part of the theme. While I fully expect people from Big Brother to debut on season 34, outsiders will make up closer to 20% of the cast than 50%. This will be met with praise until we realize that the other 80% were all on War of the Worlds and Final Reckoning.

Prediction 3: The Real World Cast Will Have A Familiar Face

Much like Mike on Bad Blood, it appears former reality stars are auditioning for the Real World reboot. Rather than focus on interesting stories, we’ll get someone from Bad Girls Club or AYTO.

Prediction 4: Ex On the Beach Will Continue to Have Challengers

EOTB1 had Cory. EOTB2 has Nicole (and Jozea, but he’s technically a BB alum). It looks like EOTB could be getting a third season, and someone from The Challenge will be there. Of course, it’s not going to be an established alum. I’m sure they’ll try to get Paulie, Cara Maria, and Kyle, but they probably won’t show up.

Prediction 5: Someone Big Will Retire

I think there’s a strong chance Bananas or CT will be done, for good, after season 34. I don’t think Wes will ever be done for good, and I don’t expect him on the next season. This is not the retirement I’m talking about. I think a regular is going to hung up their jersey and never come back.

Prediction 6: Facebook Watch Won’t Happen

Sorry Real World. Facebook Watch isn’t a good choice.

Prediction 7: We Will See the Last of AYTO

I think we will see one more AYTO debut on The Challenge, but AYTO seems to be on the way out and The Challenge doesn’t seem to care any more. I’d be surprised to see AYTO make it to season 9, and I’d be more surprised to see a bunch of new AYTO alum on The Challenge.

Prediction 8: Someone Notable Will Return

I think season 34 is going to have someone return. Someone notable, but not completely shocking. If we got Coral, Tina, Svetlana, or Kenny I’d be truly shocked. I don’t see us getting another Shane-style return, but I do see a Brad or Kellyanne-style return happening. Someone like Frank S., Sarah, Jonna, or Dustin. A competitor who has taken a break but never fully left the radar.

What else do you think will happen this year? Do you think I’m wrong anywhere?


  1. There are plenty of vets that probably would have liked to return. I like some new people, but not this many at once.

  2. given that kenny raped a girl with a toothbrush while filming the challenge, i don’t see him coming back…

  3. If anyone returns I think it will be Syrus Yarbrough or Mark Long. Someone really old school. Maybe Brandon Nelson

  4. I think that you’re right when it comes to Real World on FB Watch. I think they’ll do one season on there and then the next season on MTV by 2020.

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