The Challenge

Various Challenge Champions Filming Challenge Special

Six prior Challenge champions have been spotted at Universal Studios filming a mini-special according to Vevmo. This special is likely akin to the prior Universal Specials we’ve seen in the past. One with Hunter, Leroy, Cara Maria, and Jemmye and one with Shane, Ashley K., Zach, and Laurel.

For those who are unfamiliar, these specials are usually inserted prior to commercial breaks during the evening. They’re not even their own episode, just mini-segments to generate buzz.

But, this cast is quite exciting for old school Challenge fans. The cast includes: Veronica, Emily S., Tori H., Darrell, Derrick K., and Alton. It is also believe Devyn Simone is the host, as she was for the two other specials. Everyone except Tori can be seen below:

While these specials are not a huge investment, it’s nice to see some of these people coming back. Alton has been missing from the MTV scene (even online) since Battle of the Seasons in 2012. Tori has not competed since Cutthroat in 2010. While the others have returned, it’s encouraging to see production still has some interest in these veterans.

I’d guess this special will air around the beginning of War of the Worlds, but we will have to wait and see. Either way, this is a nice little treat from the Challenge gods.


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